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[QUOTE=Der dasMann;52565432]But can we ship our OCs?[/QUOTE] Only on the condition that you make them a beautiful and dramatic SFM video featuring a love song out of a 2007 AMV. [QUOTE=Creeps;52565648]are cosmetic slots limited?[/QUOTE] No, the loadout wouldn't have to be possible to use in-game. You could use as many items as you'd like (within reason), and you could also ignore conflicting equip regions. And I'm sorry, the more I think about it the more I realize that this thing is probably making y'all think of all the "OCs" on DA where thirteen-year-old girls make shitty recolors of the character models and post overly-dramatic and edgy SFM posters. I swear that's not what I'm meaning for this to be like at all. The whole thing is coming from a personal project I've been sitting on for awhile now, which is at its core a TF2 story (might be a comic, might be a fic, I have no fucking clue at this point) where I'm attempting to make everything bigger, more serious, and as realistic as I can while not completely severing the TF2 connection. I was just hoping that I could possibly get some good character ideas out of this, since I've got a cast of 81 unique mercenaries to fill. :')
When would the contest end?
[QUOTE=props2fp;52565986]When would the contest end?[/QUOTE] Sometime in September, probably. Depends on when it officially starts, which also depends on when I get a feel that there's enough interest to actually go through with it. (I guess vote agree on this post if you think I should, disagree if I shouldn't.)
[QUOTE=Dragara;52565246]-contest-[/QUOTE] [sp]currently in process, i need help[/sp] Name : John (idk any surname) Story : I can't come with something large, but the general idea is that he works at DVD store or perhaps sometimes works as loader to gain cash. 27 years old, lives alone. Yep, that's kinda it. (help) [t]http://i.imgur.com/dJEnmHz.png[/t]
I think you should allow various entries per user otherwise I doubt you will ever get to 81 OCs.
[QUOTE=props2fp;52566036]I think you should allow various entries per user otherwise I doubt you will ever get to 81 OCs.[/QUOTE] I definitely will allow multiple entries, but I don't at all expect to have 81 entries (let alone winners). I don't have that many prizes. :') I'm just looking to fill a handful of slots to get started.
[QUOTE=Dragara;52565246]-Contest-[/QUOTE] [t]http://i.imgur.com/WN1ljvG.png[/t] This is ours/my/yours/no ones submission He,It,She,We,I,You is,was,will be everything,nothing,one thing,something,you,I,God,Satan, the Universe, Earth, Universes. He,I,It,We,You,She knows,knew,will know everything,nothing,one thing,something I,We,You,He,She,It sees,seen,will see everything/nothing/one thing/something,you,I, She,I,It,He,You,We lives,dies somewhere,everywhere,nowhere,right here, in us/you/I,Hell, Heaven. It,He,You,I,We,She belongs,exists,hides,avoids everywhere,everything,somewhere,something,nowhere,lonesome,with us/you/I,Hell,Heaven. We,You,I,It,She,He loves,hates,okay with love,you,I,hate,sin,us,living,death,war,people,God,Satan. You,It,She,I,We,He is,was,will be, always in the Past,Present,Future,Utopia,Dystopia. She,I,It,He,You,We hope,doubt, this,I,it,he,she,we will be counted,excluded
[QUOTE=Dragara;52565246]-contest-[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PnRCAWO.png[/IMG] [B]Name[/B]:Ramon, the Restored Cyborg. [B]Bio[/B]: A pronounced dead man rebuilt by cybernetic enhancements after being in a gruesome incident. Now wandering the wastelands to find those who left him to die, and to deliver the justice that they deserve. Armed with an enhanced upper body to wield his firearm with inhumane accuracy and speed, he won't let anybody who tries to get in his way. ''Why you oughta make my job [I]killin'[/I] you that much harder?''
[QUOTE=Dragara;52565246]contest[/QUOTE] [t]http://i.imgur.com/kQSThnj.png[/t] [b]Name[/b]: Gordon [b]Bio[/b]: Worked at a toxic waste disposal plant before he was exposed to hazardous material that mutated him into a half-reptile hybrid. He now lives in the sewers, feeding on rats and whatever leftovers end up down there. He keeps the hazmat suit as a reminder of his previous life.
[IMG]https://puu.sh/x8TPK/5060f61239.jpg[/IMG] name: Mario bio: he is Mario and fixes the pipes
[QUOTE=Flubbman;52567801][IMG]https://puu.sh/x8TPK/5060f61239.jpg[/IMG] name: Mario bio: he is Mario and fixes the pipes[/QUOTE] At least change the hat color and call him Dario. [QUOTE=Dragara;52565246]-contest-[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/BhsDRci.png[/IMG] Ortwin, The Fallen. Once an honorable soldier turned bitter and spiteful due to his inexplicable immorality.
[QUOTE=Dragara;52565246][B]- The Character Concept Loadout Contest -[/B][/QUOTE] Welp, made my Engi a OC [B]Name:[/B] Dan Kammer [t]http://i.imgur.com/pQd4swn.jpg[/t] [B]Backstory:[/B] Dan lived in germany for 21 years, he never knew what he would do with his life. He realized that his english skills were the key to success so he wanted to become a interpreter. After he got a letter telling him to go to america, he took the first ship to america. He was so close to his dream job he could taste it, but destiny had a diffrent cards for Dan. Dan accidentally took the wrong bus, which brought him to the Mann Co. HQ. Saxton Hale told him that they dont need an interpreter, but he did hear that germans had excellent engineers so he told Dan that he can take a job as an engineer with good payment. Even though Dan had other plans, he agreed. He realized his mistake when he got sent to the battlefields. People dying, exploding, being drunk while shooting all kinds of explosives, people wanting to stick a knife in your back, gimps with flamethrowers, the list goes on. He got used to it, he had to because there was no way back. After months he finally got his payment, but it wasnt a suitcase full of money, it was an australium frontier justice. Dan was out of his mind, he didnt know what to do. He definitely didnt want to start a fight with Hale, thats for sure. He had to take it. [B]Loss of Limbs:[/B] Dan lost his right hand while defending the intel for his team. A spy stabbed his right hand, but he managed to kill the spy, atleast he thought so. A teammate came to help Dan, he didnt noticed that the spy faked his death and was about to kill him. Dan, exhausted from the fight, used all of his energy to grab his shotgun and blow the spys head off. The kick from the shotgun only helped the spys knife, which was still deep in Dan's hand, to cut the arm off. Dan fell unconscious. After he woke up and fully realized that his hand was gone, he searched for a solution to get another hand. He used what he learned from engineering and build himself a robotic hand. But his hand wasnt the only thing he had to replace. He tried to blow up an enemy base and succeeded, but he didnt lose his left foot to the explosion. He ran out only to get his foot chopped off by one of the many automated doors. Dan liked the enhancements more than he should have and also worked on an eye replacement, even though he never lost an eye he still wears it to enhace his eyesight. [B]Likes:[/B] Redheads, anything that looks like gold, JJBA, David Bowie, Celldweller, Tom Jones, Skeletor, did I mention redheads? [B]Dislikes:[/B] Scouts, soldiers, demomen, spies, other engineers, [B]Quirks:[/B] - Sometimes sings the lyrics from his favourite artists - He sometimes calls his australium frontier justice his "Waifu" - Makes strange noises while eating something delicious. - Can easily be distracted by things he likes, especially redheads. Did I do this right? [sp]Why do I have the feeling my grammar went away while writing this[/sp]
[IMG]http://puu.sh/x96Bl/5fae1eb7c3.png[/IMG] [I]Mr Merica[/I] Was gonna be for the contest but realised how ridiculous it looks
[QUOTE=Der dasMann;52568714]Welp, made my Engi a OC [B]Name:[/B] Dan Kammer [B]Backstory:[/B] -very long story-[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=Dragara;52565246][...] but what makes me worry is that the contest would go beyond just the loadout. It wouldn't be necessary to do this in a ton of detail, but people will essentially create a character to fit in that loadout. For example: -very long example- [B]This was a much more detailed example than would be required ("This Medic is obsessed with robotics and prosthetics," would be perfectly a valid description).[/B][/QUOTE]
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/uLpIOY9.png[/IMG] My old Pyro loadout, I feel really bad that the tongue is halloween only :(
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WK2EuRu.png[/IMG] [B]Name[/B]: Samson Steinigen (Prefers to go by Smokey Joe) [B]Age[/B]: 20s-30s (Always comes up with a number in that range most of the time) [B]Occupation[/B]:STICKING IT TO THE MAN & Fiery Passion [B]Mental State[/B]: Smokes a bunch of Weed and does a bunch of LSD on the battle field (Hey it's the 60s, what are you gonna do) [B]Story[/B]: While searching for new idiots dumb enough to blow stuff up Ms.Pauling had just about run out of ideas for where to look. Scout suggested they search the Bronx boasting about how he use to stir trouble there all the time and that he knew a couple guys who'd do pretty much anything for a quick buck. A Couple Nights later they stopped at a Jazz Club called, Anatis Inferno (Which Translated to Fried Duck), there they met Smokey Joe, a bongo player who would set his bongos on fire at the end of each show to proclaim the fight against [I]The Man[/I]. After meeting up with him backstage Ms.Pauling offered him a job as a Mercenary after he told her he was running short on cash buying new bongos everytime he burned his. Ms.Pauling told him they where fighting a large business corporation who were attempting to claim land (Although she tricked him, she wasn't far enough). And thus Smokey Joe was onboard. [B]TL[/B];[B]DR[/B]: Bongo Money
Okay, you guys seem a [I]bit[/I] more enthusiastic than I expected. I was planning to post the official rules and actually start the contest once I finished the banner, but I think I'd better go ahead and post them now. (I know I'm coming off as terribly unorganized, and I apologize.) [quote][B]- The Character Concept Loadout Contest -[/B][/quote] [B]Theme -[/B] Imagine a TF2 where RED and BLU aren’t just clones of each other differentiated solely by what color of gaudy and impractical outfit they wear, but with each individual mercenary instead being a totally separate and unique character with their own personality, appearance, and backstory. Imagine a Demoman who isn’t a drunken, Scottish cyclops, but rather a stern ex-cop from California who happens to prefer grenades to bullets. Imagine a Sniper who isn’t a taciturn, piss-obsessed Crocodile Dundee expy, but rather a pleasant young lad from the Irish countryside who may or may not be hiding a sociopathic streak. Imagine a Scout who isn’t a shit-eating, Bostonian brat, but rather a member of the Mafia, with many years of experience cutting off fingers and smashing kneecaps under his belt. The goal of this contest is to create loadouts that have a unique character concept behind them. The concept can be very simple or very complicated, very common or very original. It doesn’t really matter as long as what you’ve created is distinct from the canon characters and is conveyed well. [B]Rules -[/B] - Your loadouts don’t have to be possible in-game. Any number of cosmetics can be used (within reason), and conflicting loadout slots can be ignored. Halloween-restricted cosmetics are also allowed. - Weapon loadouts are not required, but you can certainly provide them if you’d like. - Feel free to change any physical/mental aspect of the base character as you see fit. Age, gender, body shape, race, nationality, personality, etc., all are free game. Your character should be distinct from their canon base. - Outside of your cosmetic choices, outfit changes should be minimal. They still need to look like they’re mercenaries working for RED/BLU that are wearing (mostly) standard uniform as assigned to their class. - You can go into as much or as little detail about your concept as you’d like. “This Soldier was a British officer in WWII,” is just as valid an entry as, “This Heavy is a 37-year-old woman from Alaska, she is half-white and half-Inuit, her blood type is AB, she spent fifteen years working for a logging corporation before she snapped at a coworker and smashed him over the head with a log, she is twice-divorced with four children, her favorite food is lobster, and she keeps a pet robin named Rudy.” - It is not required, but an illustration of your character (in addition to the loadout shot) is more than welcome. - Each participant is allowed a maximum of three submissions, but only one can win 1st/2nd/3rd/4th place. A participant can win multiple Honorable Mentions, however. - Not necessarily a rule, but it is preferred that entries stick to semi-realism and the 60s/70s time frame. Fantasy/sci-fi loadouts, as well as super random and silly loadouts, are going to be much more difficult to win with unless you can provide good justification. [B]Timeframe -[/B] The contest will end on [B]Friday, September 15th[/B]. Winners will be chosen by me, but that doesn’t mean that votes are meaningless. Make sure you give positive votes to entries that you like! [B]Prizes -[/B] - [B]First Place[/B] – Strange Executioner, Heat of Winter, Endothermic Exowear, Surgical Survivalist (An approximately 28.33 ref value) - [B]Second Place[/B] – Patriot’s Pouches, Bunnyhopper’s Ballistics Vest, Airtight Arsonist (An approximately 19.66 ref value) - [B]Third Place[/B] – Hunter Heavy, Speedster’s Spandex (An approximately 9.77 ref value) - [B]Fourth Place[/B] – Field Practice (A 4.22 ref value) - [B]Honorable Mentions[/B] – A random craft hat from my inventory Now get to brainstorming and have fun! [QUOTE=props2fp;52568782]-Quote from me about character descriptions-[/QUOTE] I personally don't mind long descriptions. I encourage it actually, it gives me more to work with. I mostly just said that so that people didn't think that they [I]had[/I] to write an essay on their character since I'm sure that would turn some people off. But if this is more a problem with cluttering up the thread or something like that, then I suppose people can send really long descriptions to me via PM (as long as they also post a loadout shot and brief description here). If only we could create collapsible sections of text like other forums...
Do the people that have already posted thier People have to repost or nah?
[QUOTE=Thunder_Cat7;52570527]Do the people that have already posted thier People have to repost or nah?[/QUOTE] Nah, just add the banner to a quote in your post whenever I finish it.
[img]http://i.imgur.com/mRfXM30.png[/img] dumb loadout
[QUOTE=Dragara;52569782]-The Character Concept Loadout Contest AKA OC contest-[/QUOTE] [t]http://i.imgur.com/8xdM35d.png[/t] Here we can see my medic OC scared because his unstable Medi Gun has overheated. [t]http://i.imgur.com/iG21KTn.png[/t] (Blu version) The idea I had for this OC came from the fact that the Quick-Fix looks like a prototype Medi Gun, so instead of the official Medic (a crazy man that doesn't care for safety) this OC is pretty much the opposite; a sane man that maybe cares too much about safety and uses protective gear. I used the Medi-Mask because it looks like an industrial respirator and the only other option was the Colossal Cranium but that would make this loadout look like an Engineer cosplay. [t]http://i.imgur.com/NmuRLFp.png[/t] Here we can see my Spy OC showing how big and dangerous his knife is. [t]http://i.imgur.com/rJGALoX.png[/t] (Alternative version) This other OC is pretty much the opposite of what the official Spy is; instead of a rich polite and formal man, this OC is a rude delinquent and a gang member.
[QUOTE=Dragara;52569782][B]- The Character Concept Loadout Contest -[/B][/QUOTE] Here's some Character i whipped up Introducing! The League of Questionable Lads [t]http://i.imgur.com/s2QtUmI.jpg[/t] (the ones for consideration in the competition are the Spy, Heavy and Soldier (or maybe Pyro) the rest are for humour/ i like making characters and hey he said he needs eighty one characters) Going from left to right: The Explorer (your gonna learn i'm bad with name creation) ancient tombs to forgotten temples he explores them all ... with a spot of cat burglary on the side. Colonel Carrier "Preparedness is the first step in winning the war, Things that make you prepared go in pockets so that means more pockets equal more preparedness!" Cryro (or Cryo i dunno once again i'm bad at names) Simply put it take the pyro and replace fire with water, powder, foam, co2, liquid nitrogen etc. Dr BOOM A master craftsman in the creation and utilisation of explosives of all types. No ones ever seen his doctorate but with his profession people tend to take his word for it. The Sentinel A watchful guardian of his village in the Urals. The Mechanic (his hand was supposed to be a gunslinger but tfmv was acting up) From Robots to Cybernetics he knows them all, his upgrades are proof of that. The Chemist A doctor and chemist by profession using his time to study the uses of chemicals on the human body just ... be careful with food and drink around him he sometimes might spill things accidental or not. The Geneticist As you can tell hes no stranger to DNA splicing but yes he is fully qualified geneticist and of course he does get quite a few odd looks from people. The Driver By day he's a professional driver; stunts, racing, limos hes done it all. But by night his driving is of a ... less legal type; escape driver, smuggling etc. as he says "work is work" That's all folks
[QUOTE=Dragara;52569782][B]-The Character Concept Loadout Contest AKA OC contest-[/B] [/QUOTE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oEiWC9f.png[/IMG] [B]Name[/B]: Albert Feigling Albert, a 38 year old timid man planned to take his family on a vacation set sailed on a fantastic cruise ship. It was meant to be a quiet normal trip for his loved ones until they were suddenly attacked by pirates who climbed aboard and took everyone hostage. Avoiding capture, Albert was left to fend for himself. However, dozens of passengers were still held as prisoners and it was up to him to use his wits to help rescue the civilians as well as his beloved family.
[t]http://i.imgur.com/Nd3ra6w.png[/t] I'm not very good at this. Was going for [URL="https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/2/2e/Bvhvfnjvnmcv.png/revision/latest?cb=20130712174837"]Candlejack (That's the best full body shot I could find :v:)[/URL] and failed miserably
[QUOTE=Caballero;52574063][t]http://i.imgur.com/Nd3ra6w.png[/t] I'm not very good at this. Was going for [URL="https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/2/2e/Bvhvfnjvnmcv.png/revision/latest?cb=20130712174837"]Candlejack (That's the best full body shot I could find :v:)[/URL] and failed miserably[/QUOTE] Perhaps replacing candles with white bandana would help?
Has anyone got some ideas for decent loadouts involving an unpainted executioner? I recently picked up an unusual one and I'm sick of people calling it a terrible hat, hah.
[QUOTE=Weirdiolio;52576315]Has anyone got some ideas for decent loadouts involving an unpainted executioner? I recently picked up an unusual one and I'm sick of people calling it a terrible hat, hah.[/QUOTE] [t]http://i.imgur.com/9vVObDK.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/b0MXSlm.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/ayDpF43.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/TYlUr7c.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/UCFITal.png[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/ZWQIr9I.png[/t] -Executioner_________________-Executioner_____________-Executioner_______________ -Executioner________________-Executioner__________________-Executioner -Bruiser's Bandanna (after eight)_-Special Eyes____________-Brainiac Hairpiece___________-Medi Mask(after eight)_______-Fashionable Megalomaniac______-Down Under Duster -Hunter Heavy________________-Cute Suit______________-Insulated Inventor(lack of hue)_-Smock Surgeon____________-Smock Surgeon_______________-Triggerman's Tacticals FYI most Pyro's head replacements works Mask can be replaced with other Masks
[QUOTE=Weirdiolio;52576315]Has anyone got some ideas for decent loadouts involving an unpainted executioner? I recently picked up an unusual one and I'm sick of people calling it a terrible hat, hah.[/QUOTE] [t]http://i.imgur.com/7uoM0td.png[/t] Executioneer (unpainted, as requested) Dead Head (Operator's Overalls) Lurker's Leathers (Wasteland Style, unpainted) Black Rose (Baccara style)
[QUOTE=Weirdiolio;52576315]Has anyone got some ideas for decent loadouts involving an unpainted executioner? I recently picked up an unusual one and I'm sick of people calling it a terrible hat, hah.[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ou2NSo0.png[/IMG]
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