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It is probably what they are doing now given the trajectory of their career. That, or they are just performing in front of a mirror in an alley way now.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210147/0178cf6e-6ad6-4abe-bff7-9d08cd4ae18c/image.png You underestimate May's (Jike's?) power. The Black Spine episode was great, hope they do more silly stuff like that in the future. Best of the Worst is one of my favorite series.
May Batoklasa Jike Stauman
How the fuck did neither of you think of the name Jake
Cause it’s Mike not Make
???? Jay Mike
I'm not a clever man.
So here's this place after the move! I'd forgotten what subsection it was in.
- wanted to draw Mike Stoklasa from Red Letter Media
I can't believe they've replaced Rich Evens with an actor, playing Rich Evans. As time goes on, Mike reveals more and more how insane he might actually be.
No offense but the shading makes it look like Mike’s in blackface. The “Milwaukee Mullatto Murderer” disguised himself to get close to his prey.
I didn't make this, the link to it just says that
I'm sort of on Mike's page on Demon House. I fucking love Ghost Adventures, because it feels like a bunch of dude-bros who want to fight ghosts. It's the funniest damn show in the world. I mean fuck, there is a clip of them going back to a location that the ghost or whatever, apparently, invited them back. So Zak goes in an says "You wanted us?! You got us!"
Just let Mike be his paranormal-loving Trekkie self.
Mike stopped watching the Orville and didn't get to the spooky episode, for shame.
It was nice seeing Mike getting excited and into something they've reviewed on half in the bag
Maybe they can watch this one when it comes out https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jpjRQokeQNo Seems like it would be right up both their alleys.
Oooh I've been waiting for that movie for ages!
Dear fucking god
Tried to draw Mike https://i.imgur.com/gJN3gAR.png
I've been waiting for this! They got Max Landis at one point, maybe they can do something with Green?
Freddy Got Fingered is legit hilarious and reminds me of something Eric Andre would make if he was given a budget by a big studio.
I miss the days when 4chan browsers would prank call Tom Green's show just to yell memes at him and shit. He got so pissed off. Or the time Jesse James Dupree came on the show, carved up Tom's desk with a chainsaw, and he was so salty about it that he just derailed the whole show with his whining. It's so hard to find clips of any of this shit online too, I think he's still really aggressive about having all clips taken down.
What the fuck? I just checked on RLM's channel because there are a few re:views I didn't see, but there must be some kind of error. It tells me the series was started 2 years ago and that there are 30 episodes, while we all know that re:view is rlm's new show that only has 5 or 6 episodes and started what, 6 months ago? Seriously though I got mindfucked hard.
I had a dream where Avengers Infinity war had dozens of directors directing single scenes for the movie, a cinematic directional universe if you will, and one of those scenes was directed by Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman. They needed extra help filming on set so they invited me, their best friend to join them. I spent a whole day helping film a battle scene in manhattan. I forgot what I told him but I remember saying a dumb joke that made Jay laugh until he cried. I also bumped into Felicity Jones and we fell in love and had sex but that's not the relevant part of the story here.
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