• Rust remade on UE4?
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How would it be like, Rust made on Unreal engine 4 rather than Unity?. In case for the development team I think drawing bps are easier than scripting in unity mono?
Yeah I don't think it's unreasonable at all, Garry - you should get on this right now you lazy fuck.
UE4 BP's are good If your shit at coding, which I doubt Garry is
BPs are good for people just getting started with programming but if someone studied programming line by line, then doing so will always be easier. Blueprints are viable - Fornite is entirely blueprint from what I know. Though Unity evangelists will tell you otherwise.
Fortnite's development started in 2012 I think, and BPs were released in 2015.
Source? Mine is an Epic employee - though not a dev.
I love Unreal Engine, and use it all the time. I also believe it's far easier to use then Unity. That being said, why reprogram an entire game in a different engine when what they have already works well?
Last I checked you couldn't make resolution dropdowns with blueprints, let alone an entire game.
Blueprints are for the designing, because its compile time is a ton lower than C ++ my workflow is find solution to the problem->oh shit its a bunch of math->turn that into a blueprint node->apply solution using the blueprint node i just created. then if i had an artist/someone whos a scripter/whatever guy that doesn't like staring at lines of code, he can move that shit around himself and see what happens. it makes it much easier, and if you really think messing around with the position of components in C++ is fun then go ahead man, but fuck that shit i'd rather have the editor. normally i have to make a bunch of basic C++ functions then create a blueprint from that, and im pretty sure that's how they did the actual UE4 tournament and paragon. tl;dr blueprint is useful
If Fortnite was made with just blueprints there's no way that it could run at 60 FPS on consoles and (even) on an iPhone.
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