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This works by building a webgl build in Unity, then zipping up the "build" folder, and uploading the zip.
Nothing's Embedded
- I hadn't pushed it, was still working on it - but seems to work now
That's cool
I get the occasional strangeness where a bounce doesn't go as the prediction thing predicts, ie that rightmost bounce. I was aiming for the pink block, but it bounced downwards instead of upwards. I like the game otherwise, it's easy to understand.
Too bad the game doesn't work too well on mobile, but the embed works though
Surprised it even runs on mobile
You use 2 fingers to move the view around, but that starts your shot, so you can only move so far before your forced shoot backwards
Here's a video I made for twitter
I've been getting this for all Unity embeds. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/150878/1f6c1930-6d17-427f-afc8-202dbae990eb/image.png
Is there prerequisite software needed to be installed to have this work? Also, does this support WebGL2.0?
Yeah I'm getting a server error too, with this in my console: [JavaScript] vue.min.js running on latest chrome
Server error on my end as well.
honestly this is one of the most interesting new additions to FP i've seen; asked it elsewhere, but is UE4 embedding also planned?
I can definitely look at that. I didn't implement it at the moment because I've never made a UE4 embed and know nothing about it.
So I pressed P thinking to pause and found something more interesting.. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/174899/16304825-39ee-4d63-b034-64a550572d42/pressptoskip.mp4
Whenever I code I bind P to the cheats, so it's always worth pressing
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