• Room Golf
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Description Top down golf game, need to collect the YELLOW to unlock the next room. Need to collect the PINK to add new moves. Controls Grab and pull with left mouse button to launch ball. Right mouse to move camera.
Is this the birth to play4coins games?
Can't make it past lvl 8, feelsbadman
my record is lvl8 too ^^
): nice game!
Very smart idea, nice one gaz
good job team
That's pretty rad.
Added leaderboards
How weird that it says I'm from Tucumman because I'm really from Buenos Aires, 1200 kilometers apart
unity facepunch forums api when?
Updated it again with some graphical tweaks, but i'm done with this now. Gonna pivot it into something else.
I know it's silly, but I'm able to glitch the game if I drag really far on my 4k screen. You should have max bounds on strength to stop assholes like me.
When you get these levels back to back, it's easy to use the opening to go from one 'module' to the next, maybe that's intentional, seemed worth noting. Also, on some of my longer stretches, the rebounds would act unexpectedly and not follow the projected path at all.
My god fix that audio glitch please, it's burning my ears.
This is actually hella fun but the trajectory preview is absolutely not accurate.
Yeah the aimer uses a ray trace, should be using a sphere trace. I wasn’t sure whether the aimer should be 100% accurate.
There's also cases where the ball bounces at a completely wrong angle if you hit it hard enough, but I think that's an issue with Unity; I remember a sidescrolling golf game somenbody in WAYWO made that bounced like that sometimes.
From what I've seen the ball seems to bounce in the opposite direction if it hits close to where two rects connect, stupid Unity.
Garry please secure the leaderboard.
The scoreboard isn't secure on purpose. I could obfuscate it, but it'd eventually get cracked. The only way to "secure" it is to bind to accounts, then ban accounts that are putting in fake scores.
Or some kind of private key for each score. This would protect game for longer (until game gets "cracked/decompiled") because at current state you can just input any score.
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