• Hunt Down The Freeman
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I know its not a valve game per say, but its based of one, but i just want to talk about this fucking train-wreck of a game https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114424/c5c69f83-c252-4a35-83c4-b41f70a06bca/WHERES TEH FREEMAN.png
haha this game is so boring that no one talks about it
yeah pretty much, I cant say I'm surprised
Y O U F U C K E D U P M Y F A C E No but seriously, do NOT spend your money on this game, unless you're prepared to experience something objectively awful. People equate it to The Room, but at least The Room was somewhat original and didn't steal assets from other games and mods.
this is one of the most important threads to exist on newpunch
I get that I'm at least a week late but... is it worth it to torrent Hunt Down the Freeman, even though you don't spend any money on it?
It is not. The game is an insult. You'd find equal entertainment in watching paint dry.
personally i think its fine if you want to torrent out the game and take its assets for a meme
Then at least using the assets to make a BETTER Hunt Down the Freeman would be beneficial. Because, HDTF is a dreadful HL2 counterpart to Opposing Force.
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Okay, good. Anyway... Where the eff did Adam from Black Ops get that HEV suit? Did he kill someone in the science team to get it?
I mean the fact they have a billion dead HEV boys on xen means it's not the crazyiest part
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