• TF2 makes computer freeze/lock up
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didn't know where else i should post this so i put this here i reinstalled TF2 today and tried playing it. apparently, after under a minute of playing, the piece of shit makes my computer freeze; first the game, then the entire fucking machine. no, this has not happened before. EVER. no, i do not have further information, this occurred totally out of the blue. i haven't played TF2 for like, uuuuhhhh 8 months? and suddenly it fucks up my PC. i wiped my HDD in February but other than that i have not done anything to my computer. i've encountered this problem before, in DoD:S, but that was because the map i was playing, not the game itself. [B]SO WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL???[/B] [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Not a support forum" - Orkel))[/highlight]
Two possible explanations: 1. Updates (more hats need more power) 2. Overheating
Could be any number of things really. Power supply could be buggering up, graphics card could be stuffing up and all that sneaky porn site malware could be stealing your hats.
[QUOTE=Drury;36234193]Two possible explanations: 1. Updates (more hats need more power) 2. Overheating[/QUOTE] haven't had overheating issues for a looooong time you mean game updates? because all that new stuff clogging up the machine was my first guess
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