• TF2 game freeze problem. Please help!
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I posted about this on the TF2 steam community and was told to try and find help here, as you guys would help a lot more. So! I have a problem with my game where it will freeze up every few minutes, and the freezes will last 30 seconds - 2 minutes, and in some cases has gone way over that. I am very confused considering I have games that take a lot more to run (i.e "Call of duty black ops III), and they can run at a solid 60fps at high graphics. This is weird and I have tried quite a bit to fix it. I've uninstalled the game, I've run the game in autoconfig, and have done a few more things. If someone knows a solution, please reach out to me, as I just want to enjoy the game! Thanks! (P.S My pc is great, so don't say "Get a better pc". here is a link to the pc I have if you are either interested or need clarification: [url]http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=7_1203_1446_1448&item_id=104588[/url] )
IS your TF2 install on the SSD or the HDD on your PC? Also have you done a Windows/driver update recently? I can't really think of any fix, maybe try updating your graphics or sound driver? You can also try this config, it's made for improved performance without sacrificing much visually. Mastercom's [URL="https://github.com/mastercoms/mastercomfig"]mastercomfig[/URL]
I don't believe that could be the issue but this just came into my mind wile reading your problem... Do you use mods and play on Valve Servers? There are some issues you can have when trying to run TF2 on Valve Servers wile with mods instaled since they are Pure Servers and this means they a zero tolerance policy on the use of mods. Sometimes it just freezes and sometimes it can crash instantly the game. By using any means of the matchmaking you are using Valve Servers. If you do use mods, try removing all of them and when adding them back (I sugest to download everything again and re add manually) just turn the custom folder off when going on Valve Servers. If you don't and thats not the issue, try the config stuff TheBorealis linked since it looks more like the real issue and reinstall the game to a driver other them your SSD card if you do have them installed here.
If you do use mods, custom HUDs and hit/kill sounds are exempt from the sv_pure rules so you don't have to remove them.
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