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Anyone got a drawing of a dumb wojak in swat gear?
So I am a fucking idiot that cant read. I bought all faceit major tickets for 4 days individually. So now I have 4x Single Day tickets. Any tips how to dump them and get 1x 4 Day ticket instead? If somebody here needs a single day ticket - let me know, I am selling them at 20% reduced price. Thurs/Fri ticket: £16.25 Sat/Sun ticket: £22.25 As far as I know - Theticketfairy allows ticket transfer. I can accept paypal/transfer/skins.
Is there a reason why you want 1 ticket instead of 4 individual tickets?
Yeah. 1) Seems easier, I assume I will have to get 4 different RFID's, 1 for each day which just sounds complicated. 2) Even if I sell my tickets at 20% reduced price individually - and buy one 4 Day ticket - I get some of my lost money back (I lost around £30) Lesson learned: Never talk on phone while buying something.
Weird coming back to the game after 6 months of not playing and still being able to control spray and everything like I never stopped playing. It's something that just sticks isn't it.
Managed to refund my fucked up order with tickets on condition that I buy another ticket first.
Fair warning, I am going to be closing this thread when I wake up tomorrow. Feel free to create threads on the topics you're discussing in here. We're trying to encourage people to spread out more, be liberal with the thread creation button. Don't group everything into one thread!
Do we start creating new threads now, or once you lock this one?
Feel free to create threads now
So can I create a chat thread? That's all we use this thread for. Look through the last few pages of this thread, there's nothing deserving of its own thread.
No chat threads. That defeats the purpose of creating separate threads.
I personally think that is the correct way to go when you consider the amount of active posters we have in this thread. Us being moved back to GGD means we get to keep being a megathread, right? Cause if not it's a catch 22 where nobody is going to be posting about CS anymore.
It was nice knowing you all
but i just got here
i love this game. i keep losing and losing, but i can't stop playing
What's the difference between Prime and Trust factor? I'm getting cheaters either choice I make.
Prime is an on/off bar where people need to have a unique mobile attached to their steam account and is enforced strictly, i.e. everyone in your game will have prime if you queue for it. Trust factors is a more complicated system which takes into account details of your steam account etc, matchmaking uses the lowest trust factor in your party and tries to match you with similar people, however it's more loosely enforced, i.e. you can have great trust factor and be matched with shit trust factor if there's no similar one around your rank. Either way if you're having massive problems with cheaters you're probably just seeing legit people who are just playing well/getting a bit lucky.
dunno what rank @PlusEqualMinusK is but playing nonprime is pretty much guaranteed to have at least one cheater in the match, you just don't notice how they quietly get banned after it already happened.
I'm LEM. Last match I played was prime and the other team got really fucking mad at us for winning rounds, so they went full hacks. These are my favorite two clips from the match https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5G9uaA7qLc&feature=youtu.be
Out of interest does that show ANY ban or just csgo ones? That seems like a surprising number of cheaters - not that there aren't any but the quantity seems odd. That said I do tend to use prime because it's more reliable in removing cheaters.
Pretty sure you can't distinguish between any game ban and a csgo ban.
That's nonprime for you, mainly nonprime below gold nova as the people are way funnier there and just accept their shitty rank and instead have fun. It's even funnier when someone tries to cheat but have no idea how to hide it so they get scarred from people popping out of nowhere on their esp
Is there anywhere similar to https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/March_30,_2018_Patch where Files Changed in a CSGO patch are tracked?
https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commits/master Each commit is a patch. Obviously not as clean but is the same source the TF2 one is using
hell yeah. this is why i play https://i.imgur.com/CVVzdIC.png
deranked from lem to le because a supreme rage botting was queued with all silvers :V i want to die
This is pretty much the reason why I stopped playing cs on my main regularly. And no, I am not going to pay for a third party service just so I can enjoy playing cs again because why did I pay for the game in the first place? When I buy a game I expect a clean experience and not where it's so bad you're forced to do it outside the game official gamemodes. That this is even acceptable to some gives me headaches.
Three hours in still no luck https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/923676868079042041/E09AAF304D405A3479D2977D6595A8681509E22C/
Literally you have to have shit trust factor for some reason. At GE all I get is just generic pugger brainlets. Not had any cheaters who go outside the realm of being humanly beatable for a while either, and really that's no different than getting matched against ScreaM or whoever playing subgames on his smurf. Not saying there aren't fishy players, but on 64 tick with 60+ ping anyone can look like a complete god when they frag you.
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