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http://www.dota2.com/feastofabcession/ Hot damn, that is fancy.
I main Rubick. I almost feel violated here, time to see how many Pudges try to focus on me.
looks crap
Plus why would you create a custom game nowadays when its much easier to just make your own game?
Pudge now have 1200 voicelines in total this is insane. Also by custom dismember effects they meant that when you ult, different gibs will fly away, here is a current list of possible variants: Default Electricy Ethereal Fire Goo Ice Motor (mecha units) Stone Wood This is a pretty interesting system and a nice touch overall
What do you mean "prepare"? Isn't low skill pudges like the norm in Dota 2?
same thing happens every time there's an arcana whales pick the hero just because they bought a $35 item irrespective of whether it makes sense in the draft or whether they are good with the hero
Same reason people still mod Quake, HL1, and other games. Challenge. A good base to start off of. Community reputation. There's a bunch of reasons, really.
Pudge's arcana is bloody horrible, good I like saving money.
https://i.imgur.com/908p4ok.png Not sure if intended or not...
This looks like absolute shit.
As someone who works on and fauns over particles, I *really* like how they did the effects for the arcana. It's not too over-the-top, but it's just enough to look really neat. And they incorporated the same "glowy beams over all the models" effect as some other high-quality cosmetics, which is lovely.
I really wanted Rubick to win, but I love how this looks. I don't really play Pudge but the dismember effect looks fantastic.
Hope Invoker wins this year, seeing as he has 10 spells the potential for his arcana is huge
How busy can we make Pudge look? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109700/d0b2f97a-15a2-4cfc-a253-89221c618239/Dota 2 04.04.2018 -
I think that'd look even uglier if you had the red worm-arm and the arcana was green, that way it'd be even more clashing colors (red/gold/green instead of just red/gold)
The intro video when opening the game is pretty cool though, was not expecting it the first time!
You can do some really cool shit, from a modding perspective. I cant' wait to do that sort of stuff once I figure it out!
Still bummed Rubick didn't win. Also won last night's match as Rubick vs Pudge. 70 minutes, 50 freaking assists and we won by a hair. He. Was. PISSED. Also any news on DAC cosmetics or are they not even bothering anymore except Ti8?
Fair warning, I am going to be closing this thread when I wake up tomorrow. Feel free to create threads on the topics you're discussing in here. We're trying to encourage people to spread out more, be liberal with the thread creation button. Don't group everything into one thread!
Is there an FP Dota Discord?
I asked that earlier @Banned? , but apparently not. You should make it. So earlier I was about to lose a ranked game. They were taking T4s with megas while we were all down with no BB, so I left to do something else I come back a couple hours later to play another game and- https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/929305970006966369/AB47EDB5E249F9C76B70A947B6354A467CA32A48/ YOU FUCKING WHAT
Discord It's literally nothing right now. No time to mess with it. I don't even play but it's more of a point of contact for people because forum changes.
but the dota 2 community on fp isn't big enough, this threat barely gets a post a day; this'll probably just kill all discussion
What am I gonna make a new thread on? Dota 2 Pudge Arcana Discussion? Dota Plus Discussion Thread? Have You Bought Tickets For The Next TI Yet Thread? New threads for such small subjects like this are gonna die out in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. It's going to be a mistake to close this thread.
I think we should keep a general discussion thread as to not completely murder all discussion about the game, but allow us to make alternative threads about bigger topics (like The International) when they come up. The discussion on this thread is so varied based on what's happening that the discussion would be too spread out among various threads that would die so quickly that the Facepunch Dota 2 community wouldn't have anywhere to talk about anything related to Dota 2. Closing this thread and not allowing a general Dota 2 thread to be recreated would almost certainly kill discussions about Dota 2 outside of The International. @Hezzy I kindly ask you reconsider your decision, as it would greatly hinder us should you choose to go through with it.
Looking at these olden megathreads in one place is weird. Even wickedplayer is op for one
Quality consistent assets, and it's readily integrated into the existing game so you already have an audience to utilize.
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