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Dying game?
is it me or, bristleback seems so op after these patches?
depends how you play them? and also depends what bracket youre playing in. if you play against average players and you know how to play a hero like bristle, they wont be able to really try and stop you until its too late, if you get a big advantage. i had the same thing with doom, i always used to lose as him then started doing phase/drums shadowblade with 1/4/1/1 build and just killing people once i hit 6 every time doom is off cooldown, and i get so fed off of it and none of their cores have items and we just end midgame
I had a Doom match yesterday, laned against Ursa + LC so I expected to lose big time. LC went to jungle and I got a couple of points into Scorched Earth, and ended up rolling Ursa's face in the mud biiig time. He's a very fun hero, especially talents-wise.
After having dropping from 2.9/3k down to 2.3k I clawed my way up to 2.5k. My last game we should have by all logic lost thanks to the inferior draft but somehow our ember spirit saved us, dota magic strikes again. Tidehunter has joined Rubick as my mmr grind picks.
If there is any other hero I'd love to learn besides Techies, it'd be Doom. But considering how I only know how to play Techies it would be horrible for a good while. That and it's too tempting to play Techies... I love it
Radiance needs to be purged from Bristleback's item recommendation list
Bristleback is a fine Radiance carrier.
But people go for Radiance when they have just boots + vanguard and they/the entire team is behind. 3800 gold takes a long time to farm when you have no items as Bristle, during which you can't tank shit. It's a decent luxury item, but a lot of people I see think of it as a core item.
Radiance is almost never bought in low tier play, since people at this level can't farm it fast enough without the help of a farming item.
I'd buy radiance on everything if I could
I wonder how a shadow variant of Radiance would work and what it would cost. Shadow Amulet + Demon Edge + 1650 gold Recipe (adds up to the same amount as Radiance recipe) perhaps? And what would its toggled state be? Maybe it could have an aura slow? Or maybe some sort of armor/resistance debuff (ie. like SF's aura, but stronger/weaker?)? perhaps staying still with it gives you invisibility as well, or maybe that's too OP. Hm.. I'm actually really curious how this item would actually work!
Grants a soft invisibility like Smoke of Deceit, hides you from minimap and can attack and use abilities while invisible but coming within a certain range of enemy heroes or usual true sight mechanics like sentries, etc reveal you. He's only OP if your team is full of idiots, like the south latin player I had who picked Huskar and tried to ult a Bristleback.... ...who promptly turns his back to the former who loses half of his hp and hardly puts a dent in BB. We also had a Bloodseeker who tried to jungle at lvl 1.
Yea, I was thinking of something like a smoke of deceit active for Corruption, but it seems like a bit much. Not sure how exactly it would affect supports (hopefully they don't build straight for it or something!). If it has the damage of a demon's edge and the utility of a smoke (for a constant active like Radiance, no less...) it might be too good of an item. Anyway, currently working on a artistic mock-up of what the item could look like (full art)
Maybe something like this? Scorch Passively, burns nearby enemies for 60 damage per second. Can be activated to temporarily strengthen the burn damage and allow the user to go invisible when they do not move. While the hero is invisible, the flames can still be seen by the enemy. Radius: 300 Damage per second (Hero): 60 Damage per second (Illusion): 35 Activated damage per second: 100 Fade time: 1.5 seconds Duration: 10 seconds Cooldown: 60
GESC had a great crowd. Hopefully GESC Thailand and the rest of the upcoming LANs have good crowds as well (ESL Birmingham sounds like it'll be great)
played a match today against a PA who built bfury, bkb and 3 rapiers and just sat at her base throwing daggers, what a waste of time that was
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxieMbfg8zc jesus, clq has patience of a fucking saint
Corruption is Desolator’s passive
You should learn doom. he's one of the very first heroes i actually really got into, cause i remember getting owned by one and i was like this is so bullshit this ultimate, i wanna use something like that. hes fun cause even though theres a specific way to play him optimally, you can kinda do whatever you like with him cause you can get good farm as him regardless of what position you play
That was a beautiful rollercoaster of tilt.
Does anyone remember a car themed doom montage?
I can't believe that Dota 2 is advertised as having 115 heroes, but upon testing, I have only found 113. It seems that the heroes Meepo and Slark are actually not heroes in this game anymore.
Techies is a great hero.
Noticed that this year's international theme is Green with an underground/gemstone theme. I'm guessing Earth Spirit/Meepo theme as opposed to last year's aquatic Kunkka & Slark stuff and the year before that's Legion Commander theme?
Yeah, they seem to cycle a bit when it comes to the color theme. I'm hoping there'll be a black/gray one at some point.
I just hope the special terrain isn't as awful as the underwater one
Maybe an underground gem mine with a Ravine through the middle?
New bug: Heroes tossed by Tiny may get stuck above the cave ceiling if they die mid-air and buyback.
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