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I've been playing roaming a lot lately, much more fun then sitting in a lane until level 6-10.
Can someone explain the Battle Cup a bit to me? I was thinking about jumping into it (mostly for the dota+ quest), but I'm unsure of what to do or what time it starts. I only have the option of selecting tier 4/5. As of this post, there's about 10 hours left for registration. How long does the Battle Cup last? A couple days? Just one day? Should I start searching for a party now?
I played a single battle cup match, it lets you search for a party of pubs a bit before the cup begins (several minutes) It's just a best of 1 match, with 8 teams; this means there are a total of 3 games if you go to the finals. The following rounds start as soon as all the previous ones are done, meaning it should last 2-4 hours at most if you reach the finals.
There's 115 heroes in Dota 2. Do you really think a thread for each one, plus a thread for every item and cosmetic and whatever else is a good idea?
WELP. Time to spam rubick for the next twenty years.
Does everybody play all 115 heroes?
Yeah. But I'd like to know what it is we'd discuss about each hero individually to a point that each one would need it's own thread? While all the heroes get played, some get played more than others, while some are barely touched. I like to play about two or three heroes myself, but I don't talk about those heroes specifically. At most I would make a passing comment about them when discussion a match I was in. A general thread allows us to talk about the overall matches and gameplay of Dota, as well as complain about shitty or good games we've had. I don't think anyone here talks about a specific hero to a point that would warrant that hero's own thread.
I'm only trying to offer suggestions, I don't play DOTA so I don't know how in depth the character system is. You could discuss tactics for the characters, which things to equip and so on? It doesn't have to be about characters. It can be about any topic that crops up in this thread.
Each individual? Probably not. As a community? Hell yes. And just because I don't play a certain hero such as Meepo doesn't mean that I can't contribute to a discussion about that hero. Defending the decision to close this thread by saying "no one actually is going to talk about all the heroes in this game" is one of the most inane and ass backwards things you've said recently, and you've said some dumb shit. Enforcing this new rule in this community will kill any life that is here. Say the word and I will make a thread for each hero, item, team, competition, mechanic, workshop item, custom game, patch, etc. Wouldn't want to have threads be too general or anything would we. A few comments a week in one thread is too much to handle.
you also banned the one dude that did exactly what you asked and deleted all his threads so what are we to take away from this
Eentered the battlecup. We won Group I was in was very nontoxic and pretty fun to play with
Discussions about this game do not last long enough to warrant several threads, the ONLY exception being The International, which is an annual event that only lasts a couple of weeks. We NEED a central thread dedicated to the game's discussion as a whole, or discussion about the game on Facepunch outside of TI events will die out completely within a couple of months, which would be a damn shame. Discussion would be spread out much too thinly, they wouldn't last, and it would be too difficult for people to keep up with, so less and less people will bother. You yourself admitted that you don't know anything about Dota. Why won't you listen to the people that do? Sure, there's a lot to talk about in this game, but the amount of people that discuss the game here on Facepunch is too small to warrant such a dramatic decentralization. Plus, if you make the decision to decentralize now, you could do irreparable damage to the Facepunch Dota 2 community that wouldn't be fixed by reversing your decision. It might seem I'm exaggerating the effects of this, but really, this is a very rash decision for a game whose thread gets maybe 12 posts a week on average when there isn't a major thing going on.
Actually I feel less good about this because the tier I joined was like 500 mmr less than me.
Was there some pro game where Rubick dominated?
Finished my calibration matches. For as terrible as some of them went, I'm surprised I got set to Legend 2.
Insta-pick offlane voids make me sad. I just don't think offlane void is good. Using him just for his chrono makes him feel cumbersome and hard to work around, especially when he's not farmed up.
Safe to say that any offlane hero that is first picked will have a hard time..
That's true. But I'd rather see a first pick underlord than a first pick void.
I was going to argue a case for the offlane void with/without perfect support/carry combinations that make use of his ability buuut yea I agree: he's just not in that category of heroes that can do well in the required timings.
Hey enemies, pick your entire lineup keeping in mind there's going to be a giant ball of stun with a weak ass void running around in it!
to be fair even in medium mmr pubs nobody would care to do that, they'd just associate void with "purple guy mace good"
I feel like I'm slow in the head when it comes to this game. I'll tell myself there's always creep camps to pull and farm if the offline isn't going well, or I can try ganking top. But I end up dying over and over again with the thought "I'll get them this time". Im not losing these games but I am feeding way more than I should be. Also I need to use my microphone more.
I mean if youre gonna pick a melee offlane and the enemy has a semi-decent razor player, you pretty much pick yourself into a loss. luckily nobody really does that :V
Play enough hours and farming creeps will become second-nature. Try to spend your time mastering one skill them move on to another such as map awareness. Keeping an eye on enemy lanes AND heroes will help you make decisions on where+when to farm/rotate to a lane (depending on your role in the game). You essentially want to predict the enemy movements and counter their actions. Using a microphone is great but having constant map awareness is even better.
Beating players who are an entire medal above you & who trashtalked you the entire game is the best feeling honestly https://img.maxofs2d.net/hosting/dota_divine_trashtalk_victory.png
Got an abandon today because my computer froze and I had to restart... No one paused for me. I was a lone crystal maiden doing my duty (and doing it pretty good) and I get no thanks. I finally came back after 5 minutes and we were still stomping them. We ended up winning pretty easily, but I was still mad I abandoned.
That sucks. Makes me wish there was some leeway, even if it was only one game per month or something like that, and with heuristics to determine that yeah, you really were disconnected due to PC or internet issues.
Q. I was disconnected due to circumstances beyond my control and was flagged as abandoning the match. Now I'm in low priority. How is that fair? We know this happens, and we've built some grace to accommodate occasional failures. A single abandon will not put you into low priority. It's incredibly frustrating to be punished for something outside of your control. Our current design is the result of two considerations. First, we need to be fair to the other nine players in the game, whose game was ruined, regardless of the cause. Second, it's extremely difficult to reliably determine whether you disconnected intentionally or not. We wish we could treat unintentional disconnections differently than intentional ones, but unfortunately the result of such a policy would be that players who wanted to leave a game would unplug their network cable instead of clicking the leave game button. From the Conduct Summary FAQ. Valve acknowledges the fact that sometimes issues out of your control pop up, and that's why infrequent abandons won't punish you at all. Like many other dream features, though, systems that assume good faith would be abused by groups of shitty people.
Looks like Valve ran out of creativity, this looks like the most literal you could get with a skin for Pudge. Just awful
What else should he have gotten, then? The hook is by far the most iconic part of him, so making the hooks a central figure of his ult animation seemed like a great move.
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