• Anime girl has diarrhea
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[b]DO NOT WANT.[/b] /c
Oh god whut EDIT: OH GOD THAT END. :whathechrist:
That last part was a surprise.
This video changed my life. Thanks OP! [editline]26th February 2011[/editline] *grabs the next gun*
Is this allowed on youtube? :aaa:
It's also essential to read the most thumbed up comment. It is an integral part of understanding the video.
"o kiyee be dinky by disio" *dick*
This video clearly is [b]Bullshit[/b] :v: :frog:
The last part was not expected and disturbing, but laughed anyway.
I thought she was having a miscarriage or something.
what is this shit oh wait its anime
I really wonder what the guy at the end said...
I think I almost fell over laughing at the last bit.
My boner instantly died at the end.
[QUOTE=Chipalt;28286218]My boner instantly died at the end.[/QUOTE] I can't believe you even had a boner during any part of the video.
What in gods name is he doing with his pants down?
Oh god, I can't stop laughing!
[QUOTE=booster;28286436]What in gods name is he doing with his pants down?[/QUOTE] casual friday
Pretty hot actually [editline]25th February 2011[/editline] Until the penis
Nice choice of icon there!
Sounded like she was being fucked pretty hard
why did i click on this?
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