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Reminds me of one of Tool's music videos
That was pretty sick, I enjoyed it.
looks like a Nine Inch Nails music video
I have no idea what I just watched, but it was awesome.
Pretty sure this was about man's inhumanity to man
What. Is going on?
It's not like I need sleep any way.
Why did I get a weird SCP vibe from it for some reason Feels like one of those XK-End-of-the-world-class scenarios.
Looks like a fucking acid trip.
This is what nightmares are made out of.
Looks like someone could make some pretty awesome horror visuals.
It's like a hellish version of this video: [video=youtube;iRZ2Sh5-XuM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRZ2Sh5-XuM[/video]
reminded me of scp-610, somehow.
[QUOTE=JazzyPunk;34744674]Reminds me of one of Tool's music videos[/QUOTE] Seems like it would be a good video for Schism [editline]18th February 2012[/editline] Actually, they seem to sync up
Real shame it's not in HD, but awesome nonetheless.
I'm glad that the people who made Drakengard were able to find new jobs.
Watching this thing again, it's absolutely mesmerizing [editline]21st February 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Kaburorne;34769541]Real shame it's not in HD, but awesome nonetheless.[/QUOTE] Yeah, a damn shame :/
God damn. I wish it was in HD so bad.
the guy spinning at 4:26 made me laugh pretty hard
What the fuck...
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