• American children try breakfasts from around the world
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[quote]"What country do you think it's from?" "I dunno, I don't study geometry."[/quote] My sides
The most pleasant national breakfast (that I'd have every day if I could) had to be Costa Rica's really simple one of some black beans and rice, a tortilla, cheese curds, and a banana. Super good for you, filling, and tasty. Wonder if there will be a part 2.
[QUOTE=uitham;47136246]Damn that reminds me, I was in sweden once and they had these soft round breads which where so delicious I would eat them without anything on them. also they were exactly the size and shape of a slice of sausage so that was neat. What are they called? seriously they were the bread of the gods i have never felt a sensation in my mouth quite like that 10/10 would spread all of my hagelslag on it[/QUOTE] Polarbröd Rågkaka? [img]http://www.polarbrod.se/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ragkaka.jpg[/img]
When I went to Italy, all the breakfasting there was done with coffee. [B][I]THE BLACKEST, DEEPEST, DARKEST MOST BRUTAL COFFEE MADE FROM SATANS OWN BEANS[/I][/B] That stuff was so goddamned strong about 5 minutes later I just could not stop moving anymore. It was like fucking [I]crack[/I].
I want to see these kids reactions when they try vegemite
Rye bread is best bread. It's, to my knowledge, Finland's most eaten bread, and excellent bread to eat on a trip to nature or other places.
[QUOTE=Kilgore 2nd;47137276]My mate from Holland sent me a few different boxes of hagelslag, it's fucking amazeballs. Thought they'd just be weird sugary tasting normal sprinkles on bread but NOPE. Some kind of Dutchy witchcraft makes them sprinkles but not.[/QUOTE] They're sprinkles made of cocoa butter, regular sprinkles are just sugar.
[QUOTE=ace13;47138267]Polarbröd Rågkaka? [img]http://www.polarbrod.se/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ragkaka.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] I think that's them, I hope ikea sells them
[QUOTE=ace13;47136115]I tried to look for a good picture of a Swedish breakfast, it's turning out rather hard to find though. Since the traditional Swedish breakfast is basically a miniature smorgasbord with some cereal, eggs, and coffee thrown in. If you only have a single type of bread and less than three different things to put on the sandwiches then it's not a full breakfast.[/QUOTE] kalles kaviar
These videos always have over exaggerated reactions because everyone's aware they're being filmed and they do it for the camera. Honestly, it irritates me and I'd rather see more genuine reactions than children obviously overacting cause they're on film
too bad there was no German breakfast.
[QUOTE=Cuel;47139891]kalles kaviar[/QUOTE] Only a scandinavian can eat that. God I fucking love Kaviar but my Thai friends hate it to their guts.
[QUOTE=Saber15;47136837]Yeah. You have to actually seek out restaurants that [I]don't[/I] have sausage, hashbrowns, and eggs. [t]http://i.imgur.com/f0lqV6v.jpg[/t] A (large) breakfast at Waffle House, the quintessential American breakfast.[/QUOTE] Almost as good as dinner [thumb]http://aquadoc.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341bf80a53ef01a5117fbc1d970c-pi[/thumb] [editline]14th February 2015[/editline] [QUOTE=LTJGPliskin;47135690]The Polish breakfast looked pretty American. Hell, I could go for some of that right now.[/QUOTE] I think it's because Polish immigrants represented a fairly large demographic of who came to the US way back when, and brought the objective best breakfast with them.
[QUOTE=Joeyl10;47135305] i fucking love this kid's reaction to coffee, it's hilarious [img]http://i.imgur.com/mjVCv4n.gif[/img][/QUOTE] That's basicly me everytime I try to drink coffee. I just can't stand the taste.
If you don't like the taste of coffee you're probably just not putting enough cream and sugar in it. Don't try and be a macho manly man "all the tv shows say I gotta drink it BLACK aggghhhrrrr" and sweeten the shit out of it and it becomes delicious as fuck.
dunno, not a fan of coffee but when I drink it I drink it black its not THAT bad
I like iced coffee, where the coffee is less of the focus of the drink.
[QUOTE=MendozaMan;47138376]When I went to Italy, all the breakfasting there was done with coffee. [B][I]THE BLACKEST, DEEPEST, DARKEST MOST BRUTAL COFFEE MADE FROM SATANS OWN BEANS[/I][/B] That stuff was so goddamned strong about 5 minutes later I just could not stop moving anymore. It was like fucking [I]crack[/I].[/QUOTE] I needs this.
Damn, some of those portions are a hell of alot more than what I typically have (i.e. Banana & OJ)
All this talk abut breakfast makes me want to make traditional south US style breakfast. AKA Grits,eggs,bacon,biscuits, nothing beats that like ever..
I grew up in Thailand and the Vietnamese stuff was really, really close to the sort of food I ate as a kid. Except for that egg, what the heck Thai congee is still among my absolute favorite breakfast foods: [img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8141/7613371820_e3dbb24740_o.jpg[/img] Think rice porridge + egg + some pork meatballs. I can eat it for lunch and dinner too idgaf it's fucking delicious
[QUOTE=proch;47135424]Seriously though I don't know anybody who'd eat that for breakfast, people here mostly eat bread and butter I guess. And eggs. That was more dinner material.[/QUOTE] Seems like a sunday breakfast to me. Really for most of the countries.
I actually like the taste of strong black coffee. It's especially fun to have something sweet with it - the bitterer the coffee, the sweeter the dessert. (is bitterer even a legit word? Google tells me it is but I don't trust it)
[QUOTE=JoeSkylynx;47135617]How could they react badly to the Polish breakfest? It's just kielbasa, potato hash, scrambled eggs, and red apples. I'd love to see these kids react to "polish" egg salad. Kielbasa, hard boiled eggs, ham, and horseradish mixed together.[/QUOTE] Now I have to go and open up the horseradish jar and eat it while having sweet tears drip down.
I love coffee. Especially Wawa coffee here on the east coast, knocks that starbuck shit out of the park.
Century Egg ([I]old ass egg[/I]) laughed too hard at that. Great video. Obviously these kids are used to cereal, but I'd eat most of those breakfasts. Everything delicious to me minus that damn egg
Americans eat salmon for breakfast. It's called lox. Seen as American Jewish cuisine, along with matzo ball soup.
i usually just eat cereal if i'm even in the mood for breakfast :/
I'm confused by how many people are confused about fish for breakfast. I love a bit of philly and smoked salmon on a garlic bagel in the morning.
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