• Admit it, you've done this as a kid....
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I used a stick.......
I always used to hold 2 rulers together and "pump" the one farther from me.
As a kid I would pretend to shoot moving cars behind me with the tripod.
I once pretended a fence post was a flamethrower, so I was in the (open) backyard waving it around making WHOOSH noises. Eventually I turned around and there were guys in a golfcart laughing at me.
i didn't pretend anything was a gun although someone tried to hit me with a chair
I remember I found a piece of wood shaped like an SMG, and I kept it with me for almost 3 years before my dad told me to stop bring that thing everywhere we moved. I buried it in this one spot by our old apartment and I'm pretty sure it's still there.
Every stick ever was my weapon choice as a kid
Umbrellas motherfucker. Sword and a shield in one.
Nothing's better then a yardstick sniper rifle.
For me. [img]http://www.texasastro.org/images/mounts/cheap_mount.jpg[/img] turned into [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/be/Soldier_with_Bazooka_M1.jpg/300px-Soldier_with_Bazooka_M1.jpg[/img]
I had access to airsoft guns when I was younger. Probably a good thing they didn't have any ammo though. I used sticks as swords and had battles with the same four people everyday instead.
You seem to be neglecting the pillow squeezed on one corner. Also known as super revolver
No gatling gun 0/10
We had 2 super old toy gun rifles, so we used those.
In my school we used our hands for guns. Footballs were bombs.
[QUOTE=DTkach;35854884]Staplers with the movable base. Used to fire the staples at eachother. It was stupid but we were also 8.[/QUOTE] i did this about a month ago. we fired at each other in slow motion and did flips. college students 4 life
I do it every time I'm left unattended with my tripod :v:
We used sticks. - POW POW. (name), I KILLED YOU. YOU'RE DEAD. - Ok Memories.
[img]http://en.clipart-fr.com/data/clipart/tool/tool_017.jpg[/img] Unscrew it all the way = SMG
Trombones are bazookas, trumpets are pistols/SMGs, and tubas are mortars. Also, don't forget the fence post swords.
It was always so annoying when you where playing guns as a kid and there's that one friend that refuses to die no matter what. "No, you missed me!"
I'd keep the collapsible chair in the back, drape the sling over my shoulder and pretend it was a heavy minigun
[QUOTE=demoniclemon;35856960][img]http://image.tradevv.com/2010/10/29/dcjx123_1651353_600/granite-square-ruler.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] Ah yes, the boomerang that broke the car window.
Done it, but not with tripods...
We did it with sticks and whatever we'd find lying around
My friend used to have a toy AT4 which was really really cool though I didn't know it was a launcher back then
T Bevel? [img]http://www.ted-kyte.com/3D/Pictures/Sliding%20T-Bevel.jpg[/img] Switchblade
[IMG]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_aTgdKabqtrs/S_CEQE0GUaI/AAAAAAAAARw/4NurQp2TA5w/s1600/highball.jpg[/IMG] Particle cannon
Tripod miniguns and clamp SMGs were my childhood.
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