• Jack White Full Amex UNSTAGED Show
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[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJYy9QaPGD4[/media] Super awesome! I uploaded it for the people who can't view it from youtube. 360p- [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jack_White_360.rar[/url] 480p- Part 1: [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jack_White_480.7z.001[/url] Part 2: [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jack_White_480.7z.002[/url] 720p- Part 1: [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jack_White_720.7z.001[/url] Part 2: [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jack_White_720.7z.002[/url] Part 3: [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jack_White_720.7z.003[/url] [B]IF ANY OF THESE LINKS DON'T WORK LET ME KNOW[/B]
[QUOTE=Daddy_Waffle;35748630]I'm downloading it in 720, 480, and 360p[/QUOTE] Why?
because [img]http://i.snag.gy/2w3FV.jpg[/img]
jack white is insanely badass
[QUOTE=smurfy;35749733]Why?[/QUOTE] This [img]http://i.snag.gy/2w3FV.jpg[/img] And because, Jack White.
That was amazing. Loved his new album, saw him on Later with Jules Holland, and was insanely gutted when I found out that the two shows he was playing in London were sold out. He's probably one of my favourite artists ever. Hence the avatar.
720p is uploading!
720 is up!
480p is up now too! [editline]29th April 2012[/editline] Scratch that, there's an issue. [editline]29th April 2012[/editline] Should be fixed now.
Thanks for the upload!! you are my hero!
just thought i would thank you for this but the 480p is giving me an error when i go to unzip it
watched it earlier this week, pretty damn good mans a boss
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