• 50 NES Game Reviews in 6 Minutes
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Some of the clips are out of frame which is really grating.
Codename Viper, I remember thinking that exact same thing. Why does that character not have any fucking pants? The game is great, but how do you over look something like that?
that was terrible
It has some good parts but it's mostly shit.
Anybody could make quick reviews of a game if the game only started, they check the brand and say "SHIT" and skip.
He used the F-Word too many times. Seemed forced.
that was very lame
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFJ-MaJlfXY[/media] Far better.
Jackal was awesome
I didn't get the dissent towards some game companies...
LJN is notorious for absolute shit games
LJN is the shit rainbow. They're mostly known for taking movie licenses to make games, and making them barely playable or fun. AVGN 101 : Identify the shit rainbow.
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