• Bane Plays Slender
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-removed Batman spoiler- [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick" - Swebonny))[/highlight]
[QUOTE=#sitonmyface;37257660]spoilers[/QUOTE] No, the game's called Slender. It's right in the title of the thread, dude.
This is fucking hilarious
[QUOTE=#sitonmyface;37257660]spoilers[/QUOTE] bruce wayne is batman
i thoguht this would be bane from dota 2
His scream is gold.
Are you sure this isn't Deckard Cain?
Bahaha the "Big Brave Dog" Rugrats reference
Excellent impression, though it would have been funnier if he shut up for more than a quarter second. Too much of a good thing.
[QUOTE=TheTalon;37258000]Are you sure this isn't Deckard Cain?[/QUOTE] "I sense a soul in search of detonators!"
Brock is awesome.
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