• Hot Problems (A.K.A. Rebecca Black V.2)
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This was... comically bad. Not even Friday "yeah her voice sucks and the lyrics are dumb" bad but just... this has to either be a joke or by some very, very disturbed people.
Do they not know what they have just done! They just opened up Pandora's box.
[IMG]http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17109365/images/1323129813362.jpg[/img] Their terrible singing capabilities only add to the unbelievable shit that is those lyrics.
Pro sampling at the beginning. [video=youtube;2thkapBJYfg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2thkapBJYfg[/video]
And still everyone gives it attention so they will end up making tons of money, good job guys.
someone is gonna die for this
Found them on Facebook. [IMG]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XKiVLIdAsF4/SYtGyZLIc4I/AAAAAAAAAAQ/DkK22zDDEoQ/s400/horses-grazing.jpg[/IMG]
Flagged it for supporting TERRORISM! I would attack America after seeing that.
I want to say it's satire. I mean, their flat voices, stuck-up lyrics, it just seems like a parody.
Everything up to 0:15 was alright. [editline]19th April 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Thailandur;35627563]Pro sampling at the beginning. [video=youtube;2thkapBJYfg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2thkapBJYfg[/video][/QUOTE] Right that explains it.
"Hot girls have problems too" Yeah, they can't fucking sing. Not even hot either. These girls have a bigger ego than Duke Nukem.
Oh god. Really, the stuff Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber made have been sort of unpleasant, but you could call them catchy and I can see people liking them. But this is just, I mean this would be horrible even for amateur kids on YouTube. [QUOTE=Cpt_Volto;35629085]Found them on Facebook. [IMG]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XKiVLIdAsF4/SYtGyZLIc4I/AAAAAAAAAAQ/DkK22zDDEoQ/s400/horses-grazing.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] [img]http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii613/Meowniac/my_picture_is_a_horse-1.jpg[/img]
I don't think I'd have a problem with this if they were actually hot.
Oh god the text at the start. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ANTI ALIASING
[QUOTE=MachiniOs;35640755]Oh god the text at the start. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ANTI ALIASING[/QUOTE] Youtube annotations.
Good god...it's like they're playing rock band
[QUOTE=Dah-thla;35615453]"When people don't know what we go through." "They see my blond hair, blue eyes, and class" Are they suggesting that it's such a burden of trying to create the Aryan race?[/QUOTE] Nah, just saying they are upper class and everyone is shit, which, in the days of today, is a reason for spitting on their face. Lyrics are horrible. Video is horrible. Even their voices are HORRIBLE. For once, I'd like auto-tune please. Rebecca Black is a goddess compared to these 2. This has to be a satire.
I cried alright... For humanity.
Ayo that shit was tight dawg, but i don't think you really conveyin da shit we hot bitchez go thru everyday
Why do you guys make things like this popular in the first place? If it's so bad, why even bother talking about it? I've seen dozens of terrible music videos with terrible songs.
cameraman fucked them after, i'd put money on it
This made me want to swallow a live grenade and walk into an orphanage
[QUOTE=dill6869;35617933]It's like Microsoft Sam is singing[/QUOTE] Except microsoft sam is enjoyable to listen to.
I love the description [quote]Old Bailey Productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video. We produced the video as a favor.[/quote]
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