• 4chan creator/founder appears at TED
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Can't wait until ted.com actually releases this on their site so I can understand what the hell they're saying.
[QUOTE=Rank;20188059]4Chan is just plain gay with fags all over it. [editline]12:31PM[/editline] Anonymous faggots.[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/image.php?u=232498&dateline=1252959788[/IMG]
[QUOTE=Ermandfa;20185645]I see he left out that one little part about child porn.[/QUOTE] He properly never knows, no mods lol.
Very interesting. Thank you. Shame the quality was so bad.
Nice video, though to be honest I'm sick of people on Facepunch being like "hurrrrr 4chan is bad k?" it's like it's a prerequisite for joining the way some people go on. I've laughed harder and more frequent on 4chan than I have ever on Facepunch. That's why I prefer it to FP cause it can be hilarious.
Free speech for all the people of the internets!
I think moot would post under anonymous sometimes on his site. You never know.
Regardless of the amount of flak 4chan gets, you cannot deny the power of the community and it's creator. Moot is a normal guy, he started with a simple site about Japanese media and it expanded into a massive global web junction in which most internet culture flows through. You have to give the guy credit.
Still sucks. But I like the other boards besides /b/.
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