• Meet the Pyro
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I came everywhere
Do you believe in magic?
i want that candy land flame thrower
Dont think it was as good as Medic's one. Somewhat disappointed.
Do you believe in maaagic~ [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/ratings/rainbow.png[/IMG]
That was predictable, Pretty much how i imagined it to be and pretty sure the interview idea came from a guy on SPUF.
I was not expecting that at all... Baby characters!
Why does MtP come out while I'm in China? :(
Well, holy shit.
Source Filmmaker!
I expected a removal of the mask... I'll just predict he or she is on happy pills or something.
That was great. If only I still played TF2.. Oh well.
That was amazing.
That is brilliant. Thats a really good idea, give the guy who came up with that a medal.
[QUOTE=Vault;36517985]I expected a removal of the mask... I'll just predict he or she is on happy pills or something.[/QUOTE] Nope, it's the mask. Didn't you see the label on it? "Optical Mask" ...maybe?
It took them that long to make this? Wasn't really that good compared to the others, probably the weakest of the bunch.
Am I on drugs?
[B]Meet the Funion[/B]
This could've been really, really badass. And instead the "pyro sees everything as rainbows and happy" joke ran for too long.
I might just start up tf2 today and quit five minuets later.
Christ funion it is everything you dreamed of.
[QUOTE=GameDev;36517961][url]www.sourcefilmmaker.com[/url][/QUOTE] Poor site is getting hammered now.
Playing the pyro should make the world look like this
So it turns out it's not the heavy that's fighting an entire team of babies, but the pyro.
Was expecting something a bit more fleshed out, especially after Meet the Medic, tbh.
I just watched. And that was.....disappointing.
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