• Jimmy Kimmel is torturing kids for our amusement
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This is hilarious.
Hardest I have ever laughed in weeks. [editline]15th June 2012[/editline] That kid is going to grow up to be the next Unabomber. :v:
That was so great.
I felt really bad for the kid. Funny though.
I watched this before the pre-NBA game show, this was easily one of the funnier things I've watched.
That was amazing. "What are some of your favorite bad words?"
"Fuck and stuff."
[QUOTE=Jacam12SUX;36339593]"Fuck and stuff."[/QUOTE] I thought he said "Fuck yourself".
That was brilliant.
I feel so bad for that kid
by reading the title i expected some kind of twisted reality of what the actual video was about but it was actually true lmao
Oh man, "Do you hate puppies?" part was great.
My face hurts from all the laughing. I should start watching this show.
I need more of this videos. I have not laughed that hard in years.
At times I felt sorry for the kids but luckily Jimmy wasn't intimidating.
[QUOTE=Marden;36341051]At times I felt sorry for the kids but luckily Jimmy wasn't intimidating.[/QUOTE] The truth fairy, on the other hand...
[QUOTE=Nill22;36339783]I thought he said "Fuck yourself".[/QUOTE] after he swears, it sounds like Jimmy says "thats one of my favourite sayings ever" So maybe it was 'go fuck yourself'
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