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[QUOTE=Asaratha;35788844]they're using unicycles?[/QUOTE] Excuse me? Have you never heard of monocycles? Wtf is a unicycle? a bicycle for unicorns? Golly gosh.
What the fuck happened when the guy shot and suddenly everything burns.
[QUOTE=zotic;35786622]Oh my god! The guy @ 3.32 is one of my friends! They recorded this in my town.. awesome..[/QUOTE] Zotic is from somewhere over there so I believe him
[QUOTE=Killuah;35789279]What the fuck happened when the guy shot and suddenly everything burns.[/QUOTE] Thinking some gun powder lit up or something, I don't know for sure.
Thought I'd make a gif of this part. [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31693224/Untitled-1.gif[/img]
That is his new account, is now apparently unbanned after having been banned for "impersonating another user" aka himself. :v:
[QUOTE=clucker man;35787317]the jump between videos at 6:48 was pretty cool, thought it was the same video for a second[/QUOTE] It looked like the camera man was a second away from getting hit, then teleported. Pretty cool.
I felt so bad when the guy hit the cow
Wow i love how people disagree with me. Okay so,Rather it is one of my friends, pal's who did it. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSgZhTEMlqw[/media] And the Location [url=http://maps.google.dk/maps?q=Kolding+&hl=da&ll=55.488054,9.472888&spn=0.00538,0.016512&sll=55.869147,11.228027&sspn=10.929918,33.815918&hnear=Kolding&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=55.488054,9.472888&panoid=VDNQR2yrQYMUduyEEb1s3Q&cbp=12,97.29,,0,18.54]Google Maps[/url] ;)
i lost it at 4:50
I just love watching these Compilations
Really funny shit, but I can totally [b]feel[/b] those unlucky few who face-plant on a hard floor or yank or twist their backs momentarily.. And then there's few cases where there appears to be nothing but stupidity involved.
It's unsettling how few of the ones who are doing all these extreme sports are actually wearing helmets, I hope their head injuries are going to make them change their minds. Naw probably not, most likely make them dumber than before.
6:46 - 6:48 The sound of Professor Farnsworth anticipating a collision.
The ball toss at the end wasn't fail, it was FUCKIN' AWESOME.
The unicycle basketball got me.
The guy with the bycycle that goes "MY BALLS MY BALLS" was hilarious
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