• Pornstars saying disturbing shit
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Holy fuck what was happening at #8 Jesus christ.
Efukt The best site ever
[QUOTE=nask;37046780]Ok, that site has some hilarious shit. [URL="http://efukt.com/21005_How_Is_This_Even_Possible?.html"]NSFW[/URL][/QUOTE] God dam that last one. I didn't even think that was fucking possible.
[QUOTE=Bomimo;37073144] [URL="http://www.efukt.com/20590_Suicide_By_Dildo.html"] THis one?[/URL] (goes without saying that this ain't Gummi Bears!)[/QUOTE] Words cannot express how disturbing that is.
This is a healthy mix of depression, hilarity and disgust all condescend into a 5 minute video.
jesus fucking christ
Not surprised that first clip was in there, the one before the title card. I once came across that video not knowing what it was and after listening to the intro I had to just close all my tabs zip up my fly and just sigh "what, the, fuck...." I really don't know how someone could be turned on by a woman describing a terrible ordeal of child sexual abuse then engaging in crazy rough sex where she screams like she is actually being raped or murdered.
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