• Gamer Poop: Skyrim #3
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[video=youtube;gawughIGjK0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gawughIGjK0&list=PLD45F47067D6FD4FC&index= 1&feature=plpp_video[/video] Daedra motherfuckers.
these are surprisingly well-made for a series called "gamer poop" i enjoy them
We don't take backtalk in this bitch.
It wasn't [i]as[/i] funny as the other two, but still funny.
[QUOTE=Dirty_Ape;35666870]We don't take backtalk in this bitch.[/QUOTE] i laughed my ass off at this one
Yep, $38 a month for internet too slow to watch 360p video without buffering.
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