• Square's SNES RPG That Never Left Japan: Live A Live
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRop31JcTz8 Live a Live is honestly one of my favorite SNES RPGs. One of the few games where story overshadows gameplay despite both being great.
Live a Live had a pretty cool mechanic to it especially considering all the chapters played differently from each other(One of the chapters is even a scifi horror genre where you play as a robot).
Its impressive how they managed to give so much variety into the gameplay under the same system, along with a very interesting story. The amount of content in this game is pretty incredible with many secrets, and you can even play as the big bad evil in this game as well.
Yeah it's kind of crazy how the combat system is so entwined with the story. Like for example, the cowboy story. You can't level up, so you have to fight entirely by positioning, and they emphasize that on the boss.
https://youtu.be/6rf8Dj7PRAI This awesome song is what brought my attention to this game
is there a way to play it in english easily?
You can easily get a english patched version by googling, then play it with an emulator
yeah i've got a patched version on my snes mini. haven't gotten around to playing it yet because of all the other amazing rpgs on the snes.
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