• Last Week Tonight- Alaska's Blockbusters
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Where the fuck do they get all this money?!
They're a fairly successful TV show, of course they have money
$7,000 for a jockstrap. They spend so much money on these things and wax presidents. It just baffles me how they have so much expendable income.
7000$ is probably like the revenue for 1 episode of Last Week Tonight on Youtube alone
they did do (in what their first episode) a recreation of a Portland tourist ad that cost 1 million dollars for a fraction of the budget. So in comparison they're getting it as a steal. I'm joking of coarse.
They have a huge budget from HBO, they spend almost NOTHING as a cost of production. Their show is a tight, low budget, low cost show that spends most of it's money on research and writing teams. So when they feel like it, they can spend money like crazy people because the show isn't even scratching the budget they've been given with production alone.
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