• CS:GO's Cancelled Dust 2 Remake (ValveNewsNetwork)
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Valve is still such a mystery. Seriously, think of the insane stuff they've been doing behind closed doors the past decade. Crazy how almost none of it ever gets light.
While beautiful, I can barely tell it is Dust 2 if just shown the screenshots
Yes, it's impressive, but I wouldn't be surprised if Valve shot it down simply for being too different.
I love it, but surely a lot of people must have complained about the cluttering.
It'll be really sad (and pathetic) if nothing ever comes of Source 2 other than a Dota 2 port everyone hated.
Or too performance intensive
Artifact will be on Source 2.
what do you mean by "everyone hated"
I don't play Dota 2, but I've heard the port didn't go over well with the majority of players.
it was very rough at the start but has been a pretty major improvement overall google's designed to give you what you search for
Well, yeah, I was aware that all the results were from 2015. It's good to hear it's improved since then, because it sounds like it was a disaster in the beginning.
At this point Source 2 has to be as easy to pick up as Unity or UE4 if it wants to be competitive in the game engine market. I don't see Valve putting in the effort to make that kind of infrastructure.
whooptie fuckin' doo
I'm still interested in all of the early CS:GO maps that were cut. cs_embassy has tons of finished assets that are still in the game, but was cancelled for some reason. I really want to see screenshots from it.
One dev's profile on the new Valve site says they spend most of the time at Valve working on Source 2. Something a bit interesting is how they're making everything in Source 2 themselves, made Panorama UI after briefly using Scaleform in the last Source games, Rubikon instead of Havok, their own sound format, .vsnd_c, a new texture format to replace .vtf, .vtex. As minimal middleware as possible except the UI for the dev tools and the game scripting.
keep in mind the middleware used is what kept GoldSource from getting open sourced. Maybe they want to open source this engine long range, maybe 15 years from now?
In 2015 Gabe said if other engine makers see something in Source 2 which they like and want to use for their engine, they could.
Well you could google "X sucks" for just about anything and find a slew of people complaining about it, so I don't think that's a good metric to really judge anything by
I guess I can see why the version of Dust 2 that shipped was very bland and blocky. They had to quickly cobble together something after scrapping this project.
So how is it that Grey Newell never got in touch with this dev, back when he was asking around Valve for information on Source 2? He said they all kept him running in circles. Is Source 2 development such a secret that Valve doesn't even want the fucking son of Gabe Newell to use it for his game?
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