• Mission Impossible: Fallout - Official Trailer #2
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They are still making Mission Impossible movies?
Oh hey I was here when Tom did the stunt where he slammed into that car with a bike. It was like a year ago. I thought the movie was already out by now. Also the way FALLOUT is written plus italic really reminds me of the game title, except it's full caps.
Yeah, I watched the trailer for an upcoming mission impossible movie just a few minutes ago.
The logo reminds me a lot of the game logo, I think it's the italics. http://gstylemag-zippykid.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MissionImpossibleFallout_Banner.jpg
And the choice of font
It's close enough I have to wonder if Bethesda will sue.
If they ever plan to make a Fallout movie, I doubt it.
I still can't wrap my mind around that scene where Ethan and Superman tear apart a restroom just to beat up one tiny asian dude.
yeah me either
I dunno, it looks fun to me. The sound effects they throw onto Cavill's arms when he puts up his dukes gets me all tingly, I love it.
why wouldn't they, since 3 they have all been both commercially successful and critically well received. People can talk shit about Cruise's strange personal life all they want, as far as film production is concerned, he has very few peers.
I'm there opening weekend. Mission Impossible is one of the few franchises that has been getting better with every installment, and I expect this one to be no different.
This is where Henry Cavills upper lip went. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/241002/4b6649be-05fd-4322-8dc9-3fba52a12fdb/R1H19qi.png
It was worth it, he actually looks pretty good with a mustache. A rare feat indeed
Cavills a good looking dude in general - his acting on the other hand?
They're actually really good. Rogue Nation was literally just 007 Spectre but not shit.
Whoa, they actually kept that baddie from previous one? That's a progress!
Along with his mustache
Hell, they name-dropped the Syndicate as far back as Ghost Protocol. And this is also the first time they haven't replaced the IMF director between movies.
I have found most of the Mission Impossible films entertaining, but ultimately forgettable. I'll probably binge watch the movies before I watch this one.
Has every installment been this packed with rather well known celebs? You've got quite a mixer going on in this trailer..
can we break tom out of scientology captivity already
There's something about the sounds their punches make when they contact something is what sells me on the delivery. There's something about this film and other action films I can't remember where when someone gets punched it's like a subtle "Boom!" that makes it seem really painful. Put that shit on a huge stereo system and your have fisticuffs porn. I've yet to see the other M:I movies, but the trailers for Fallout have some amazing setups that I'd love to see on the big screen.
They're all worth watching. The first three are probably the most different since they're helmed by very different filmmakers but these most recent ones feel the most connected.
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