• This toy says brainstorm and green needle at the same time
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God.. Damn. I finally heard brain storm as well and now the needle is gone forever.
Slowing it down to 0.5 speed made it really clear how it can be interpreted as "Green Needle". There's like two clear syllables and the rest is just garbled static with many frequencies that you can probably fill with whatever you imagine.
I can hear either Brain Storm or Green Storm (Store?)
I can hear both at will. If I want to I can also hear brain needle and green storm.
i only hear some distorted asian gibberish
What is this toy anyway? It looks like a Skylander or something. Was it specifically designed for the video?
i've listened about 30 times on 3 different devices, on all different speeds and qualities and i cannot hear "brainstorm" for love nor money. i've said "brainstorm" aloud along with it and i still can't hear it, all it's always 3 distinct syllables, brain-nee-dle. it's like trying to will yourself to hear "frog" when someone says "turtle", i just can't do it
Ben 10 toy iirc
I don't know how you can hear "brainstorm" when it's distinct 3 syllables. I'm personally never hearing that even if I try to make myself think it's saying that.
Nope, it very clearly says "brainstorm" with no weird sounding letters. It's really weird. I can hear both clearly at will, and I feel like some kind of magician every time.
I think it's really easy to get needle out of storm. The way it says it is like sto-orm with two syllables and you can hear both simultaneously if you're trying.
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I hear all forms and combinations. Green Needle, Brainstorm, Green Storm, Brain Needle. It's tripping but cool
Just Brainstorm. Closest I get is "Grainstorm"
I heard Green Needle and couldn't hear Brainstorm until I lowered the volume a bit. It helps to remove the extra syllable.
Is my brain broken if I can only hear brainstorm?
This one is really cool because i can just decide which one it is and hear it, and it doesnt sound anything like the other. And then i can just decide to hear the other one. Atleast on my phone speakers this is the case. I guess its similiar to hearing a wall clock go tick tock and you being able to change it to tick tick or tock tock if you just think about it
I can not for the life of me hear "green needle" I can make out "green", but that's only because it already sounds so similar to "brain". I've tried everything and the thing that's throwing me off is the extremely loud and violent "ST" sound. I just can't think how that sound can fit anywhere in "needle".
Yeah. The "Brain" part is the only part that could really be confused with "Green" because its a bit muddled and there are similar phonetics in there. On the flip side "Storm" is very distinct with phonetics that do not match up with "Needle" at all.
This is what it seems like to me is happening. I don't really know anything about sound or how the brain perceives things, this is just a layman's analysis. The "ST" sound, because the audio is so compressed and because the voice is putting so much emphasis on it, causes sibilance, basically meaning the "S" sound is louder, harsher, etc, almost a sort of hiss. And because this sound is so harsh and loud, it becomes distorted, and if you can listen to the higher frequencies, this can sound like an "ee" sound. The "ee" sound, combined with the n from brain, can form the "Nee-" part of needle. The third syllable seems to be a combination of the rest of the word storm, and generally the static from the video and the crappy audio compression. The voice really holds out the "orrr" in storm, only lightly speaking the "m" at the very end. Basically your brain is tricked into hearing the S as an ee because the S hisses, and then the "torm" becomes the third syllable. Instead of BRAINSTORM you hear GREEN EE TORrrm, which your brain then parses as GREE - N EE TORR and then tries to make sense of the last part as "needle".
I can kind of make it sound like brain nee-storm if I focus hard enough
this is wild. yesterday i could only hear green needle, all day. on a whim i listened to it today and it was brainstorm clear as day
Funny how I heard 'brain storm' with my headphones off, but 'green needle' when i plugged them in. That's pretty wild.
All I can hear is "Green Store"
The sound quality is so trash and distotred that you can hear literally anything as long as it sounds sort of similar. Brain and green Storm and needle. The last one makes you scratch your head until you realize that with the distorted sound quality the S from Storm can pass for a very distorted NEE, and the the distorted TORM part can in a similar way sound like DOL.
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