• Tim Burton's Dumbo Teaser Trailer
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Same reason and result as Mary Poppins reboot.
All animals better be uncanny-valley CG, or Dumbo there is gonna look real weird.
Grim dark reboot Sad, softly sung cover of a song ew no
Lmao Tim Burton sucks. He's made like 1000 movies and only like 3 of them have been good.
I really didn't get any king of grimdark feeling from this. Though it's Tim Burton so it wouldn't surprise me if there's some weird dark twist to it.
cant wait to see how theyl do the racist crows
Pink elephants on parade in HD is going to remind children of what nightmares really are.
please stop giving these to tim burton
imo Burton isn't really grimdark. He's got a pretty distinct style, sort of a off beat gothic thing
Is that the "new" Pooh at 1:11? Will this lead into the Disney Cinematic Universe?
disney stop feeding tim burton please not everything needs to be burton-toned
wow thats weird even for tim burton, turning an existing IP into an autobiopic
In the grim dark future there is only grim darkness
Tim Burton hasn't made a good film in over a decade. So sick of seeing his name on shit
Live-action Dumbo remake *groan* Directed by Tim Burton *GROAN*
At least the CG elephant looked good
I was just about to type Sleepy Hollow, but I then realized that movie is nearly 20 years old at this point. TIme flies.
I liked Sweeney Todd, although I don't hold it as high as I did as a teen. If I wanna be really shitty, I think his last film I loved was Ed Wood. And that was almost a quarter century ago.
The only one I've seen since Sweeney Todd was Alice in Wonderland (which sucked) and all of his movies after that just seemed unappealing. His partnership with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter got stale and his other projects seemed like retreads. Big Eyes at least looked like a step in the right direction, but I never saw it.
It's kinda sad but saying Tim Burton directed a movie at this point is smiliar to saying you applied a filter in Photoshop.
Disney. Just stop! the animated films were good enough. Even racist shit like Dumbo. Just leave it alone!
i loved frankenweenie tbh
I can totally see Johnny Depp playing the mouse. I'm surprised neither of them seem to be in this movie.
If you work with someone long enough, you start wanting to do something different. It's no different than Scorsese and De Niro splitting up after a while.
the gritty modern reboot of fucking dumbo, goddammit hopefully someone will make a fan edit with just danny devito's scenes so I don't have to watch the whole thing
The man who made Batman with Michael Keaton, Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Sweeney Todd movie is now doing gritty live-action retreads of classic Disney films. Oh how far did you fall Tim Burton? At least "Pink Elephants on Parade" will be without a doubt trippy as balls, but I'm not paying $14+ just to see it.
I find Tim Burton's general style to be vomit inducing, it only really works for me in Movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas
Why's "gritty" getting thrown around all of the sudden? Of all the words to use to describe Burton's style, gritty isn't one.
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