• Witch-Hunt At Anthrocon
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There just can't be one god damn place where politics aren't involved can there?
$373 per month on patreon to tell people making nazis feel unsafe is bad.
what a timeline we're in
Honestly wearing anti-nazi badges is worth it just to watch the nazis cry on the internet every time they see it. It's like that old meme of an atheist crying over being told "god bless you" when they sneezed.
Anthrocon never ceases to be a fantastic entertainment event for all not involved.
Didn't Kothorix defended a pedophile at some point? I know iv heard story about that.
i went down the Youtube nazi rabbit hole after this and I just had to share this comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLNLPIRS62g https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/205123/7d614cd8-5676-4c73-a58a-d16ce3c9b4ba/image.png "jokes on them i was only pretending to be a nazi"
And also recently trying defending another furry or group of very probable Neo-nazi furs over them cause furry convention to be permanently canceled.
Wearing a badge telling Nazis to fuck off isn't hurting anyone but Nazis or people who really like Nazis.
Oh, even worse, Kothorix did a Witch-hunt about those who attacked the said pedophile.
How can a dumb dragon even use a computer lmao he doesn't even have thumbs what a silly video I don't believe it at all, dragons can't even use computers
Yep, And he also obviousness of defending guy and his group, he and few other furries unwillingly created even more divisive questions like if Furry Fandom wants to be keep it apolitical or hypocritically allowed them to be without any criticism while criticized them for "being politically correct". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSqzLE9H6Y0
After seeing many various channels from specific niche groups or minorities that provide "centrism/moderate" and anti-SJW views and commentary, I'm almost convinced these almost all of these people just pick up key talk points from channels like Sargon, Steven Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Paul Joseph Watson etc. and then cater them to their specific audience while attracting the main base so they can have 'see even the (XY!) group thinks the same' and rake in all the Patreon cash money
his fursona is so unoriginal
Here's the kicker and I'm honestly kind of shocked that he didn't mention as a bigger problem: it allows the alt-furry people to actually play the victim, blaming the con owners for making the place unsafe and that kind of jizz. The alt-right really are just right wing SJWs.
with some of the weird eye-searing fluorescent shit that's out there, maybe that's not a bad thing
Why do furry Youtubers always put their one pose drawing of their fursona with different facial expressions in these "serious" videos? Like how am I supposed to take this topic seriously when it's being explained to me by a bright blue dragon in front of a fantasy cave full of potions and spellbooks and shit
because they paid $250 for that thumbnail off of someone on FA
You jest but seriously there are people who commission themselves into crippling debt for their awful fursonas.
Armored Skeptic does the same thing but way worse, they're just imitating him.
it doesnt even need to be that specific, i would just wear a badge that says 'all nazis fuck off'
What centrist nazis think is happening to their communities when they get pushed out. http://wp.production.patheos.com/blogs/sites/321/2018/03/BolshevismUnmasked.jpg What's actually happening: http://pbfcomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/PBF182-Food_Fight.png
Imagine worrying about making a Nazi upset.
Projecting their own problems onto others is the core of the alt right.
is it nazi furries or furry nazis? we gotta ask the tough questions here
what kind of fucking race is the prime race for furry nazis. thoe mufasa-inspired fursonas with neon colors? how does even the concept of a nazi works in a community about pretending to be animals.
I'm sure there's a decent amount of nazifurs that don't even do it ironically (ironic in this case being defined as "being the thing you are supposivly making fun of") but rather do it as a fetish thing. The furry community is known for being sexualized as all hell and even personally as I find the Nazis abhorrent, I'll say this: Those leather SS coats look dank as all hell.
the furred reich
If you're dressing up like a nazi and get offended by people calling you out then that is just hilarious lmao get fucked
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