• JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "That's bullshit, but I believe it"
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I watched the anime not too long ago and I was absolutely in tears when each episode ended with the fucking "to be continued". I thought it was just a meme. Amazing anime, I want more.
shouldn't this be in the anime section regardless, took them long enough to announce part 5
At first I thought I was the one who forgot but then I checked and there's no way to submit threads in sections yourself, gotta wait for a mod to do it.
I'm glad the new artstyle seems to be as colorful as part 4 yet as detailed as part 3. That's only the concept art sure, but if the actual show is gonna be like that, then it's gonna look fantastic.
Ok on second inspection apparently I had to click on new thread in the section itself to submit it, so yeah I did fuck up. There really should be a way to choose which sections to submit a thread to while you're editing it though, that's what confused me at first.
This blog can finally rest. Part 5 here we go! Through I gotta say, after I got desperate and read all of the manga up to the latest JoJolion chapter, I really want to see SBR adaption, and that gotta be in like 2023, if at all.
i'm not that big a fan of vento aureo and stone ocean but considering how much better part 3 worked in anime form it's very likely i'll enjoy both of them more as anime steel ball run is almost as good as part 4 though so i'm looking forward to that as well
One step closer to Heaven! I wonder who they're going to cast for Diavolo now that they already used his game-VA for Kira in DiU.
Hoo boy. I can't wait to see the Golden Wind vs Green Tea fight.
oh right, i forgot localizations have to keep changing the names hopefully we won't get anything as bad as zipper man in the crunchyroll subs
We're getting fucking Zipper Man in the crunchyroll subs, so far they've taken the copyright-safe variations every time. Can't wait for Flaccid Pancake once we get to Part 6
they have yes, but they luckily change some of the worse ones like Pearl Jam being Pole Jam instead of Opal Jam (???) so we'll most likely get Sticky Fighter or something for Sticky Fingers instead of the absolute disaster that is Zipper Man
I like the colors they went with. Abbachio's stupid eggshell isn't a bright eye-sore anymore. My baby Fugo, all dressed like a snot, the noxious boy he is. Giorno's brighter outfit continues their tradition of trying to make the JoJos' base color schemes more varied (opposed to Shueisha's dark-blue/pure black for most of them). Also, I don't think this is intentional, but Mista's skin seems slightly darker than the rest, which kind of falls in line with the collective headcanon of him being sicilian.
huh, they went with pink Giorno I'm not complaining about that, though. What I WILL complain about, however, is green Fugo. Strawberry Fugo for life.
Part 5 is probably my least favorite part (definitely my least favorite JoJo), but I'm still looking forward to seeing some of these more bonkers action scenes get animated. Also I recall part 5 having a lot of body horror like Metallica, so it'll be interesting to see how/if things get censored.
Over the years of me re-reading/watching all the parts, Vento has actually grown on me more over time. It went from my least favorite part to one of my favorites slowly over time (4 and 7 still beat it out tho). Funnily enough, it and Stone Ocean have actually swapped places for me.
I'm just looking forward to the glorious return of Polnareff.
Glorious return is a bit of a stretch.
One thing I love about watching the anime after having read the manga is being able to communicate certain events to others without saying anything. In part 4 for example, you need but say"The Spaghetti" and people will instantly know what you mean. That said, I'm hyped as hell for the Banana/the Dance/the 100 Cars in part 5.
Ah yes, our favorite talking turtle.
what if the turtle in part 5 was actually the turtle jousuke saved in the start of part 4
Johnny Joestar and Funny Valentine S.A.S. figures are up for pre-order on AmiAmi, i fucked snagged mine as soon as I could Release date is supposed to be late September
Do you say that because of the anime's popularity or was this scene less memorable in the manga?
That's okay, I didn't like Vento Aureo anyway.
I'm a little worried though because if Part 5 does poorly, it could hurt the possibility of part 6 and 7 happening, which I NEED. Though really, if berserk 2016 did well enough that they made berserk 2017, they would have to fuck this up HARD to lose demand for part 6-7
this only means more duwang frames i dont see the problem
Isn't part 5 the most popular part in Japan, alongside part 3? So even if the quality dips, I feel it wouldn't hurt the sales too much.
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