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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210630/ae32027c-def2-44d1-a961-70d7ad3bfea5/marvel-logo-header.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210630/c2fc25e5-3d1b-4b93-bbb1-69e344598edf/ipXtr3J.jpg
So Disneyland released some new concept art and we possibly get a first look at new Spider-Man suit. https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/image_dlr_poster_final1.jpg Can't say I'm too crazy about the changes. I thought the smaller logo was actually pretty unique, just enlarging it seems lazy/boring. The webshooters stand out even more which was my main problem with the Homecoming suit. The rest looks like they removed a lot of the black lines to give the suit more of a classic look. I actually like that.
To continue on with the last thread, I’ve just started watching Agents of Shield (big fan of MCU, but never got around to this series) and while the production quality is nothing outstanding, I am at the least captivated by it. Look at how much money I’ve wasted on Marvel shit lmao, because I’m obsessed with collecting things. And I don’t even have the phase 3 boxset yet, obviously because they haven’t released it yet. I need a fucking social life https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226043/a9a699ae-3b60-4413-a5e8-ae7ddde63517/5A062E25-6120-4726-99F8-5118CB193A9D.jpeg
Can't wait for yellow washing comments about having a chinese actress play a korean superhero.
Someone stop Amy, please.
I would like a Silk movie to be made, but two things would have to happen. Dan Slott would have to appear as a self-insert The whole thing with her and Peter have crazy monkey sex because they were bitten by the same spider is worked into the plot, but I'm sure Disney wouldn't want that.
✌️ on Instagram The Spider-Man sequel's title is "Spider-Man: Far From Home"
Seems to be about Spidey in London/Europe going from casting
Just watched the first episode of season 2 of Luke Cage, I guess Season 1 didn't leave much of an impression on me as I can't remember who a lot of the characters are or what happened
Why is Agent Carter season 2 listed to be watched after Age of Ultron if it takes place before all other Marvel movies & shows save First Avenger? Just curious, I haven't seen the show nor have plans to so if the answer involves spoilers, that's fine.
Yeah, they explicitly said they were going to go do that.
IW spoilers, but I'm not going to link it and try as hard as possible to still be vague while the people who have seen the movie will know what I'm talking about. There was a long running character that had some big changes happen to them in IW, and the actor/ress who played this character knew two years ago this change was occuring. He or she is proud to play this character and feels the arc set by these films complete their character.
Luke Cage season 2 was real good. Even if you didn't like the first one that much this one is great
I've seen the movie and I don't know what you're talking about.
All right, so if you don't want to know anything about IW watch your mouse cursor. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/06/25/tom-hiddleston-knew-about-lokis-fate-in-avengers-infinity-war-two-years-ago
Like this? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110302/450f0a71-44af-4963-bf2f-71b024892717/image.png
Yeah, considering the ensemble cast in Infinity War and a bunch of stuff happening, that was incredibly vague. But he's referring to Loki.
Oh shit, I thought you were talking about everybody's favorite character Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy
yeah I got confused too. it's completely fine to be explicit with things in spoiler marks bro
i still have no idea which character it's about
It's about Loki, Loki is apparently dead for good and Hiddleston knew about it since May 2016
The one with piercing eyes and beautious flowing locks
Holy shit Luke Cage S2 is good really really fucking good.
Luge Cage S2 was actually pretty good and is definitely better than the first one. I was pretty shocked at one scene. Never thought they would show this stuff in a Luke Cage series (I think you know which one). Really loved the whole Jamaican vibe in this and damn the music was excellent. Pretty cool twists, too. S2 Spoilers: I just don't like Danny again. He's so out of place in every show, even in his own. His fighting scenes are horrible and combined with the horrible dialouge and acting, I just can't take him seriously.
I don't know which scene you mean lol. What was it
I'm actually mad that people are disregarding the Luke Cage season 2 mainly for two reason: Previous season and the most recent Netflix's Marvel shows were bad so they won't give this one a chance. It either deals too much with "social justice" or it doesn't deal enough with it. And when it does it doesn't do it "right", aka. it doesn't fit into some snowflake's agenda. God forbid that there are black female characters who are greedy, despicable and downright cruel. The first reason is understandable but the second one isn't. Why does everything have to revolve around politics?
E10 The massacre scene. Surely we've seen a lot of brutal shit in the Netflix series, especially The Punisher but that scene caught me off guard. I knew Billy was gonna get killed but everyone else and then literally burning Anansi alive was kinda shocking to see.
Man, the german release date for Ant Man and The Wasp is for some reason 3 weeks after the US release... It's gonna be hard to stay away from spoiler for that long.
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