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Get Shorty S1 This was so good. I'm used to Chris O'Dowd being the funny guy, which I guess there still is a lot of humor, but he knocks the violent criminal role out of the park. Ray Romano, and the rest of the cast are great too, and seeing the collision of the drug world and Hollywood is really fun and interesting. I laughed really hard at a lot of stuff and they also do the tension and conflict really well. Would definitely recommend.
I've watched some episodes of "The Rain". I do really like the concept and aesthetics of the show but my god the dialogues are so awful. All the characters feel so unnatural, some of the conversations are so horribly written.
"Altered Carbon" is a thrilling and enthralling experience that rings of deus ex, black mirror, the matrix, and westworld. A delight from start to finish, although the ending will be slightly disappointing if they do not renew it. 8.5/10 - Definitely worth a watch. There is lots of nudity so it often is NSFW.
Broken Angels is coming late this or early next year, there will be less episodes though.
Loved the show. Netflix just started on S2.
Love, Death, and Robots 8/10 Overall a really strong anthology. Definitely recommend watching at least Zima Blue and Good Hunting
Arrested Development S5 (The 2nd part) Hmmm. It's better than S4 for sure, and there are some really funny moments. And I like how they tied everything up at the end. But it's kinda tough to watch when they've re-dubbed nearly every scene. There must have been some MAJOR re-writes after filming and faced with the impossibility of getting that cast back together to reshoot it instead went with some tricky editing and audio dubbing. But it really feels like you can't pay attention to anyone's face or mouth the whole season or it'll drive you nuts. The worst offender is a scene where Michael is driving and talking on the phone with Buster, who instead of even showing they just show a photo of the prison he's being held in. But then on Michael's side of things, the camera is looking through the windshield at him, and the reflection of the sun is DIRECTLY where his mouth is. So you can't even see Michael's mouth moving. And it's like a 5 minute long scene. Where you watch a photo of a prison and a windshield glare have a conversation. It's sad, but they really should just end it there instead of continuing to try to force something that can't feasibly be done anymore. Writing and characters will only get you so far if the final product looks and/or sounds like a Frankenstein's monster of a show.
X-Files, X-Cops. Television cannot top how amazing this episode is. The intro alone left me in shock with the dumbest grin on my face.
One thing I wanted to ask about Love, Death & Robots, in one episode, the astronaut lady refers to a planet 'lv426' - is this an Alien reference, or is lv426 also a real thing?
Alien reference. the Location Vector#### system is directly taken from Aliens. The 'real thing' would have been Zeta Reticuli II.
Umbrella Academy:: 7.5 ish, it's really interesting, and great casting choices all around, but I feel like some subplots were given way, way too much time, and others not so much. Probably could have cut almost two whole episodes out of the season with the superfluous stuff.
angie tribeca 8/10 are you a fan of police squad, or just zucker, abrahams, and zucker in general? this is practically the spiritual successor to police squad. this is how the first episode starts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izEFvaqBFxQ
Black Summer is surprisingly good horror/zombie show.
Mr. Sunshine - 미스터 션샤인 (2018) So much potential wasted on scoring useless fucking drama points. This show is pretty much all form, little substance. Amazing casting and visuals and music (when they don't play 5 cringy piano songs per episode) but it's all kinda ruined because the writing is not as smart as it wants to be, and the messages fall flat on their ass. They used all the cheapest tricks in the book to have non-sensical drama, including resurrecting a single character 3 times just so they can have cheap cliffhangers and teary-eyed goodbye speeches several times in a row. Ironically, for all that drama, the ending is anti-climatic as fuck. Also the first half of the series is an absolute hilarious bore with useless plotlines that run in circles. Out of the 24 75-minute episodes of this series, you can look at a good 10 hours of filler episodes. That said, it is historically convincing, and some characters are legit great, but it's all thanks to their actors honestly. 5/10 I had to run a drinking game in my head to have the will to keep watching.
Doom Patrol is a strange mix of a comedy and dark origin stories. I like it 8.5/10
Hey, I'm posting because someone got banned and deleted and it's fucking up the notifications for the thread. Let's see, the last TV show I watched was the season finale of the Orville. I thought it was kind of flat, but overall the show's second season has been a significant improvement, even if they did maybe over-focus on romance and Moclans. 8/10
Bumblebee: I watched this last night and I am kind of surprised how much I didn't like it. It's certainly a more competent film compared to the previous Transformers films, but it just felt formulaic, generic, and sprinkled more than a few dumb moments. Its saving graces are the Transformer's designs and the --albeit brief --Cybertron scenes, otherwise, this feels like a Nickelodeon film. That being said, however, I'd take this going forward over the Bayformers.
Discovery of Witches 8/10 Entertaining for another witch, vampire, etc type tv show. The characters were pretty good, sometimes there was to much of a love story feel but not enough to sour me completely. Good enough that I checked to see if there was going to be a second season, there is, so we’ll see where it goes from here.
Yeah it's pretty good, I like all the characters and has some pretty funny moments. I never did finish it tho. I need to watch it again
Il Nome della Rose / The Name of the Rose (Giacomo Battiato, 2018) It's fantastic. Perfect screenplay and casting. Not a single scene felt too long or too short, it's on fucking point from the first minute to the last. 8.5/10 Reminds me of the best seasons of Game of Thrones. Apparently it has yet to air on TV outside of Italy? If you like a good mystery show in an accurate historical and religious context, do not miss it.
I thought that was going a far longer series. At this point I may as well give it a go. I've been a long time fan of both the book and the first movie and, well, let's just say I need to rediscover my faith in TV series as a satisfying fiction medium after some, ehrm, recent experiences, yes
In case you had any doubts, I 100% recommend to watch it in English since I see you're Italian. It was shot in English and the actors are phenomenal, I have no idea what the Italian dub, though contextually accurate, would be worth but I could hardly believe it would even come close to the original.
Yeah, I also recommend it. Haven't finished it cause the streaming service I use is a couple episodes behind, but I enjoy it a lot. Probably because the executive producer is Jeremy Carver, a.k.a. the guy who made Supernatural! Getting early-seasons Supernatural vibes from the show.
Is there any other legit way to watch Doom Patrol or is it really only on DCU?
Ok, I've actually tried to watch The Name of the Rose (the 2019 TV series, of course), but I couldn't get past the second episode. The main problem I have with the operation is that the whole thing is basically the 1986 movie, with the exact same issues and, above all else, excessive and downright ludricrous amounts of padding. Don't get me wrong, I can somewhat understand the necessity of padding the original book material even for a TV miniseries, but inventing entirely new characters and new backstory elements for the main characters is overdoing it, as far as I'm concerned. The series also turns the whole "Good Christianity vs Evil Christianity" theme from the movie, something I've always didn't like about it, up to fucking eleven, with Bernando Gui being basically turned in an unrepented sadist for the sake of being a sadist. On the plus side, the cast is mostly good all around and the locations and locales are gorgeous (given that the series was filmed in Italy, no particular surprise there)
I don't know about the US, but it's on Space (Canadian Sci-fy) amd on Crave.
Sorry to hear that.
Finally finished Legion season 2 last night, after having kinda of lost interest earlier in the season. I don't know, man. Season 1 was magical, as close to madness or maybe poetry as you could find in audio-visual form. Season 2 feels like they picked up on people's response to that and turned it up to about 15 and not in an altogether good way? I mean, when it's good, it's great, but when it's bad, it's completely terrible. Maybe worth it for seeing an animated astral plane wizard fight while the bodies were singing Behind Blue Eyes.
I'm at Cannes film festival and just seen two episodes of Nicolas Winding Refn's upcoming Amazon series "Too Old to Die Young". It's Refny as fuck, veeerry slow but super stylish and it does payoff quite well if you can stick with it. But I honestly don't know if I will be able to get through a full season. Every single line of dialogue is bookended by 5-second pauses
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