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I think you both missed the point on Thanos. Thanos' intentions were clear and fully put into fruition in Infinity War. Future Thanos had won, and had nothing left to fight for so he died fairly early. During the heist, his past self discovered that the Avengers were a threat and time traveled to the future to stop them (and get the infinity stones in the process). You're forgetting that his mission at this point is still the same. His plan shifts when he realizes that this pushback was inevitable because people remembered and will want to rebel. He clearly states that, as long as people remember what happened there will be rebellion. Therefore, his plan change from 50/50 to destroying the entire universe and rebuilding it in a new image, where nobody will know how they were conceived. It's not Thanos being a low-note villain. His goal is still the same, but his past self learns from his future selfs mistake and will do something slightly different. Him wanting to kill the Avengers for fun was a result of them pushing back as hard as they did. He felt, for once, threatened. I don't see it the same way you guys did,
thanos was just really very boring imo. He felt more like an obstacle that the heroes have to overcome rather than an actual person with interesting characterization. The whole move just kinda felt like a dumb popcorn flick, and i know superhero movies aren't exactly high art, but after infinity war it's still kinda disappointing that it wasn't something more. Not that it's a bad movie, just not what i would have preferred.
Nope. Not even close. You're letting hype cover one-note characterization when the scales are shifted to do or die. I even game a time mark, and the point you're covering occurs before then. 'I realize my mistake now, and will start totally from scratch so they will live in balance and with innate humility and harmony' isn't the time mark I'm talking about, that's Thanos in a nut shell. After that, well after that, he just turns into IMMA FIRE THE GIANT BLUE LASER and it does the plot himself and the protagonists no favors. Why you think I'm missing such obvious shit is beyond me.
I understand why you think this, but for me I personally saw it as him being completely desperate at the end. He never had his ass beat before, so he entered a panic and became destructive because he was losing bad. He shifts last minute when all hope for him is lost. Destroying Earth and all of its inhabitants was never his end goal, but during the battle and his humiliating defeat, he got desperate and acting irrationally. I'm not letting hype cover it at all, I'm reading into what any character would do faced in his situation. I also don't think the movie is supposed to be about him. His character arc and story ended in Infinity War.
Nah. I know 'how are we gonna wrap this up syndrome when I see it', in my line I see it quite a bit, and that's well before people start spending hours and hours finalizing work that by this point should be set in stone. Considering how powerful Capn Marbles is, and he WAHN PAWNCHes her literally off screen in a like a mile wide pan shot, it's far more of a reach, esp considering in three scenes right before that you can directly see for about 2 seconds how crestfallen he is that it's come down to this, they stick on his face just to very expensively animate that and strongly emphasize he's not having a great day at this point. This was a deliberate choice. In ESB vader cuts off luke's hand and then says 'hey think about what you're doing, think about how strong I am and how this is going to go' and in this film bader cuts off his hand and then spend two minutes calling luke a little bitch and kicking him in the crotch like a scene from goodfellas to emphasize he am bad mans villain mans and just so you get it he radomly starts shaking a puppy. The movie(s) spend a very very long time setting up Thanos very deliberately and very carefully and then just throw all of that out so they can present that super splash panel ending everyone has literally been waiting twenty years to see. I get it. I don't have to like it. As stated this is a good movie, a very good movie. When taken into context against the rest of the movies it belongs with it is a great movie. It is also a flawed movie, and this is not a mistake, this is a deliberate plot choice because after three hours the movie needs to end.
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson, 2009) - Between a 8 and a 9/10 I had my eyes on this movie for a very long time, given it's an adaptation of a Roald Dahl story and the quality of the stop motion animation has always been described to me as insanely good. And not even my old, general, shall we say, distrust towards furries could prevent me from watching this. It's really a very charming long animated feature. The whole art design (especially the characters' puppets and the various environments) and the quality of the animation at work really are top-notch and, to be completely honest, the whole film was basically a seamless streak of one fun dialogue and/or slapstick comedy act after another till the very ending. As a side note, even if this is an adaptation of a Dahl's book and, therefore, one should know what to expect, I have a very hard time picturing actual children being brought to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox (for starters, all the characters use "Cuss" as a substitute word for "Fuck", and the substitution is extremely noticeable, and the injuries the animals suffer through the movie are perhaps too realistic)
Just got back from seeing Shazam. Goddamn, this movie is fun. Undeniably flawed but this is what the DCEU should've been like all along. It's got some incredibly obvious issues but what it succeeds it, it REALLY succeeds at. It's oozing with heart and Zachary Levi just nails his performance, it's incredible. If you have a chance to see this, I'd take it.
Avengers Endgame What a waste. It didn't do anything interesting or new, it didn't build on the previous film, it was visually bland, it was dark in a bad way, and the pizza I had beforehand was very disappointing. It wasn't a bad film by any means but after how good Infinity War was they really blew it imo.
After coming back from Endgame, boy do I SEVERELY disagree. It's kind of hard explain just coming back from the movie but redbadger sums it up nicely. Besides, did you think a guy named "The MAD TITAN" in the comics was going to have a coherent plan, or an 'endgame' if you will? My one and only gripe is the bit with Fat Thor and noobmaster69. The scene and some jokes went on for but as soon as Rocket spilled the beans the movie dropped that scene and kept going as it should. Captain Marvel herself gets hardly any screentime but shows up at the end to join the fight. I never saw Captain Marvel's solo film but to me seeing her in it had no consequence so I didn't feel lost when her scenes happened. Honestly I really liked this one, but tbf I think the films were meant to bee seen as companion pieces like the Lord of the Rings trilogy; once you see the films together it all wraps up in a neat little cosmic bow 11 years in the making. It's really hard to say what I really loved about it but for now the final 3rd of the movie. HOLY SHIT that was what I came to see and it really paid off. Just hope you don't mind the slow burn to that moment. 10/10, or just A. I probably missed stuff with movies like this so I'm seeing it again really soon in IMAX.
You've rated micheal bay movies the same rating so if you think I'm going to roll out a wall of text for what is fanboy 101+ultra, you're going to be sorely disapointed. Also mega lol that you think some secret context I missed that you got exists.
So I just watched Come And See (1985), because I was told it was one of the most horrifying war films of all time. And it didn't disappoint! Besides being extremely gruesome, the film also had some surrealistic undertones. At some points it kind of felt like a slavic take on Apocalypse Now.
Yeah but that's in the comics, i'm talking about the movie. i suppose it's possible that he was just faking it all along but that'd be fuckin lame. Him being a fascinating character with his own complexities, morals, and philosophies is so much more satisfying than a bad phase 2 villain that hurts people good
Slipped through the dense crowd of people waiting for Endgame to reach a screening of Eighth Grade, which only just came out in the UK and is great and made me feel good and happy
The "didn't I tell you not to dig" scene fucked me up. How the fuck do you get a performance that good out of a kid.
By shooting the film in chronological order and literally abusing and traumatising the kid. They used live ammunition in most scenes.
They abused the kid? That kinda blows, I thought they just got a really good actor...
Happy Death Day 2U I think this dumb franchise might be a guilty pleasure of mine.
Thought Endgame was fucking excellent, but the whole "it's not the Thanos we spent Infinity War watching" thing kinda deflated it a little. Like, he is VERY MUCH moreso "big angry space monster who wants the maguffin" this time around, even if it technically stacks up with the story. Infinity War was better, but what Endgame lacks in cohesion it more than makes up for in sheer SCALE. Infinity War had some cool shit in it. "Bring me Thanos"? Pretty sick moment. Then you watch Endgame and HOLY FUCK CAP PICKS UP MJOLNIR ANCIENT ONE WAS AT THE BATTLE OF NEW YORK HAIL HYDRA IN THE ELEVATOR GIANT MAN DECKS THE FUCK OUT OF THAT LEVIATHAN AVENGERS ASSEMBLE HOLY SHIT I CAN'T STOP CUMMING. All in all it's like an 8/10, doubt they could have made a better bookend to this stretch of the series. Only negatives for me were Brie Larson doing fuck-all (although maybe that's a positive), Thor not being as interesting as he was last time, and a flatter Thanos characterization. Also, my theater openly laughed at the "HERE COME ALL THE STRONG WOMEN (even though Carol could do this herself while blindfolded)" scene. I get it, "it's about time" or whatever, but the way that shit was framed was just fucking goofy with how gratuitous it was. I've found the vast majority of negative reviews were either people just aggressively not paying attention to how the movie's version of time travel works and nitpicking """plot holes""" or the same kind of "the series finale is the first episode of Breaking Bad I've ever seen and wow why do they expect me to know all these characters this is just fan-service pandering trash why isn't this spelling everything out for me???" garbage we got with Infinity War. If you're into Marvel, there's a very strong chance you'll love this. If you're casually into Marvel, you'll likely still enjoy it (one of the people I watched it with hadn't seen Infinity War and she still enjoyed it loads). If you're not into Marvel movies, why would you ever think you'd be into this? Because this is like Marvel movie concentrate. This is a 3 hour bukkakke of MARVEL, and everything that implies. It was some goodass closure, now I don't think I really care about anything beyond this other than Guardians 3, which is gonna be incredible, especially with James Gunn back where he belongs.
The Red Shoes- 9/10
Watched The Matrix with my kid - first time he's seen it. He can finally understand all the memes it spawned 
Watched two movies last week: Avengers: Endgame Absolutely loved it. I've seen all movies in the MCU in cinema and this was a perfect send-off for the MCU. The middle part had a bit of pacing issues, but other then that it was a great viewing. 8/10 Mother! Well, this might be considered strange, but this is now one of my favorite movies of all time. I love everything about it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
신과함께: 죄와 벌 + 인과 연 / Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds + The Last 49 Days (Kim Yong-hwa, 2017/2018) Basically, style-wise, it's Buddhist Avengers. Substance-wise, it's Dante's Inferno. Does that shit not sound awesome? 8.5/10
The book or the videogame?
I meant the book but seeing as it's action packed, it's probably closer to the game.
Avengers: Endgame - 7.5/10 It was alright. Not as good as Infinity War and the plot was a bit of a clusterfuck. As usual the time travel aspect just opens up too many plot holes to bare thinking about, but overall it was fun and an ok ending to the "saga". Ex Machina - 9/10 Oscar Isaac dancing.
Bumblebee: I watched this last night and I am kind of surprised how much I didn't like it. It's certainly a more competent film compared to the previous Transformers films, but it just felt formulaic, generic, and sprinkled more than a few dumb moments. Its saving graces are the Transformer's designs and the --albeit brief --Cybertron scenes, otherwise, this feels like a Nickelodeon film. That being said, however, I'd take this going forward over the Bayformers.
In Bruges, probably my 3rd time of watching since release (2008) - excellent casting (and i even include Colin Farrell within that) a must watch if you've never seen it.
in bruges is one of my all time favourites. i watch it like once a year
fucking in bruges is just too good, the year it came out i was in disbelief that such good shit could still be made
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