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To be brutally honest, I think you're giving it more thought than the writers even did
Every leaked version of the ending is more baffling than the last. Including a scene involving an entire side plot that even the leakers are like "Yeah we're not sure why any of this is fucking happening, these characters just decide to blame this character for random shit"
Up until now the best they had seem to be dark age transport ships capable of holding 6 units
Those dudes in slavers bay had catapults on their ships
are the leaks really that bad or are people blowing it out of proportion? i dont want to look for a bunch of reasons but it's not exactly reassuring going into tonights episode that everyone seems to think it'll get worse and worse
It reads like someones nihilistic fan fiction Theirs a chance it's a trolling campaign by HBO after a dude spilled a serviceable version of the end awhile back that involves a major plot twist. That's the only thing I'm holding onto
This episode has to be completely different for the leaks to not lead to one of two hilariously atrocious ends
Amazing what a bit of editing can do: https://old.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/bnq8to/rhaegal_dies_but_it_makes_slightly_more_sense/?st=jvlggpwz&sh=2c2e299e
Can't wait for the star wars prequel style fan cut to make sense of this mess of a season.
The Spanish ones at least have some semblance of plausible character continuity, but even that one has some elements that are tough to believe. Really, I'm just impressed that the episode hasn't leaked yet. It'll be kind of cool if the entire fanbase has to go into this one blind.
As I said in a previous post - I'm basically a normie who otherwise isn't into fantasy, and I joined the GoT bandwagon around Season 7 - I was completely blind/deaf to the criticisms around "bad pussy", Littlefinger's Trial, Beyond The Wall, etc until I saw other people talking about it. None of that ruined the show for me, but 803 did so I read future spoilers out of spite. Yes, the spoilers for the remaining episodes are that bad.
I've been at dark green since season 2 frankly, when it was very very clear they weren't going to hit the same scope and scale as the books; luckily the casting for the most part was super excellent, and the cast is why I'm still watching. Going "YOU FUCKED IT ALL UP :why:" this late is understandable but you could see the cracks starting to form pretty clearly during season 4 latter half. I just didn't expect them to far this far off the cliff.
AH fuck, the leaks were right. Rapidly losing hope now.
Goodbye Varys You will be missed.
This episode is gonna kill my liver
Man, they sure made those ballistas/scorpions fuckin' useless in the span of one episode. Apparently consistency is too much to ask of the showrunners, huh?
I drove home for mother's day... I can't watch it until I get home tomorrow. I can't stand the suspense, I just want to eat the bullet already.
And there it is. The fucking bell leaks were real and Daenerys just massacred civilians. This is it boys, they actually killed the show.
Why didn't Dany just torch the Red Keep from the beginning? It's not like they can't build another one also what the fuck Greyworm
This whole episode is completely destroying character arcs that have been built for 7 seasons. I'm so fucking mad.
This is gonna suck...
The hound just casually slices dudes in plate armor.
This only stresses the fact that the writers MASSIVELY skimmed over everything related to Jaime in the books. Seriously. Holy fuck the difference in who he is in the books is night and day.
I can't even fucking enjoy this Cleganebowl this episode is so bad
I feel like a broken record at this point, but Jesus, how the fuck did we come to this? Jamie - Spent the majority of the series doing his absolute best to redeem himself and become a worthy knight. Goes back to Cersei and throws all that way. Daenerys - Fails COMPLETELY and goes full Mad Queen in about two episodes, reneging on everything she promised INCLUDING THE MERCY SHE PROMISED AT THE START OF THIS EPISODE. 8 seasons of character development, gone. Jon - Shell of his former self, watches Greyworm and the Stark/Unsullied/Dothraki murdering innocents. Character has been useless since last season. Euron - Well, I'm glad he's dead, but somehow his fleet was nerfed to utter uselessness in 1 episode. Varys - Went out in such a lame way. All his conniving and intelligence, gone. The Hound - Spent all those years trying to overcome his need for vengeance. Dies during Cleganebowl because he couldn't let that vengeance go. I just...I had planned to rewatch this series again and again. Now, what's the fucking point. It was all for fucking nothing.
This is legitimately the worst episode in the show's history.
She just Genocided King's Landing. I'm sorry i can not care for spoilers anymore, this doesn't even work with her character at all.
Not one character has stayed true to their established narrative. Not. Fucking. One. Maybe I'm overreacting, I don't know, but this is NOT the show I was watching even two episodes ago.
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