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I'm just gonna go find the best fan fiction and pretend that's the real ending
I...fucking. Fuck it. Fuck this, fuck everything. I ain't mad cause of characters dying or any of that petty bullshit. I'm pissed that none of what's happening makes any fucking sense in the character development and writing. And the thing is, characters can sometimes change n shit. But usually when they do, there's a reason why and its written. Meanwhile none of this shit makes any sense. None of it.
ASX is going to shit a dick.
He's gonna spit wildfire at this rate.
Yeah, I'm so fucking done. Is there even any point in watching next week? This is the most nihilistic, depressing, out of character bullshit ever.
Well, apparently, there are rumors of the books being finished for a time, with D&D and GRRM having reached an accord to not release them until the show was over. This comes from the actor who played Barristan Selmy, so it may have some credence. but, rumors. Please give us books better than this.
I can't fucking believe that GoT is going to be the show that tops the list of "Worst endings to a TV show" ever.
The real victim was Dany's character, jesus christ How the hell do bells make you start burning innocent civilians? Man the outrage at this is gonna be huge
Seriously, how did we get hear in the span of TWO FUCKING EPISODES!
I just...could she not have just gone straight to the Red Keep and burned that, and only that? What POSSIBLE incentive did she have to burn civilians? SHE HAD ALREADY WON.
my only reaction to this episode is a big ????????????? i’m perplexed
Fuck it. I hate to admit it, but I thought it was incredible.
This episode: https://external-preview.redd.it/UYdjbuYU4QqQDfIyOAF_QessgEUIBP-RIcM28IyWqcQ.jpg?width=1024&auto=webp&s=161fbe1dd82c5a211522cad3408bdc06e6e40eaa
Have a Cookie. Cause it was fucking awful.
Because she's now the Mad Queen because the writers need her to be. Does it make any sense, no, but they needed her to go nuts so she went nuts
If you guys are looking for a new show, Chernobyl is pretty good.
I disagree entirely. I thought the writing was fine. Not as bad as everyone says it was, personally, but thats just my opinion. But everything outside of that - was off the charts incredible. The cinematography, music, directing, acting, everything was probably the best it's ever been in the show. It's probably my favorite episode of the series.
I am absolutely sickened how Jaime was utilized in this episode
Honestly, I've been expecting this kind of thing from Dany for a while.
According to the BTS, it's cuz her family built the Red Keep and she considers the war personal In reality, it's a cheap and effective way to cement her as the mad queen and final antagonist in only a couple episodes without organically building up to it. The shock value also removes any sympathy or complexity so you won't feel too bad or complocated when Jon and co inevitably turn on her.
Man, Cleganebowl sucked. There wasn't a single round of bowling in the entire fucking episode, why were people so excited for it?
Buckle up, cause it's gonna get dumber next week, the preview has the leaks spot on.
I'm hard-pressed to feel sympathy for anyone at this point. Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion, Arya...they're all so wildly out of character from what we've seen in the last couple of seasons that this might as well not be the same show.
Can you stop talking about the leaks for like 5 seconds and empathize with the fact that there are some people who aren't so miserable about the series that all they talk about is the leaks anymore. You do realize that some people haven't read the leaks, right?
The cinaematography reminded me of a student film. When Arya was on the ground and the camera was "handheld", I was taken back to my time at University and watching peoples student projects. When you think about episode 3, you can think of some really amazing shots, which while the plot wasn't great in the context of Game of Thrones, I thought were really memorable. This episode was devoid of style, it was flat and looked kinda shitty with non-sensical spectacle (Why does the red keep get cut off above them, but there's next to no rubble?)
Yeah, the episode would've been really great if they hadn't shit all over the character arcs of the past seven seasons.
LEAK SPOILERS: Yep, Jon kills Daenerys and takes the black because fuck it, he can't ever be happy. Daenerys gets murdered by her last surviving family member and all the shit we watched her go through was for naught. And if the leaks continue to pan out, BRAN WILL BE CROWNED KING BECAUSE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I cannot believe a show like Game of Thrones is going to fail so spectacularly right at the end.
The long takes with Arya were some of my favorite shots of the episode.
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