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Hello! Welcome to the new subforum for Jaykin Bacon Episode 3. In here, we'll be posting various updates about the mod as we slowly work our way towards FINALLY releasing this shit. WHAT IS JAYKIN BACON?? Jaykin Bacon was a mod made for Half-Life 1 by Mr.Podunkian. It was basically just him taking all these kewl ideas and concepts he liked from other half-life 1 mods + games, plus some original shit, and throwing it all together in a way that was just crazy fucking fun. WHAT IS JAYKIN BACON EPISODE 3???? It's our fan made sequel. Same idea, but turned way the fuck up. We'll be referencing many more Half-life 1 mods (Rocket Crowbar and Scientist Hunt primarily) and loads of others original shit is getting mixed in as well. The project was started in 2012 by myself and former FP moderator Jimbomcb (The nope.avi guy!!!!). We quickly put a team together of other facepunchers and started work on it. The project stalled in 2015 after some SDK patches broke shit for the 5th time, but as of a month ago, it's now back online. WHO ARE YOU ALL https://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/254/253358/auto/vZBQv8I.png WHEN CAN I PLAY Soon! We're working on a steam store page now, and currently private beta testing is ongoing. We'll def be throwing invites around in here tho, so stick around! Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy following the development of this big dumb mod. Jaykin' Bacon Episode 3 MODDB Page
I love to reload during a battle!
Do we still need to donate money in order to play it even if we already donated money last time?
There's no donations anymore period and anyone that had access retains access during just the private beta period. That shit ended years ago and isn't coming back for a number of reasons. It'll be covered in the dev update thread I'm about to post soon. But yea as always, the plan is to release it for everyone to play once it's not an unstable mess.
Stealth box, huh? Not very stealthy.
It's the game what I'm helping make, neat.
So the private beta hasn't started, correct?
All of the new forum's woes has lead to this. Worth it
the private beta started probably in 2012
I'm so happy I can be a part of this madness.
Hey it lives again!
after hearing about this and seeing it secondhand over the last couple years I'm super fuckin stoked for it to finally be on steam
took you FUCKS long enough
i'm proud to have donated to this mod regardless of anything, so damn stoked that it has been resurrected
Interesting to see this receive its own section! What led to the decision to have this place finally created? Must've been just a tad annoying to decide where it falls under, I'm guessing.
Oh damn! I missed this mod back when it was getting worked on, I thought it had died of permanently. I'd love to get involved with it now, or at least follow development much closer
i always wanted to try this, good luck!
wow, cant wait for this to be released
god this makes me so hard and ready
Uhh. I bought this (I think) in like 2014 and was in the beta. Is the website still up? Or at least, how you get back into the beta still up?
im gonna post a thread about installation instructions. if youre still in the steam groups you should be set, if not tho i can hook you up.
That one instakill gamemode with the golden guns and zapper was the shit. I think quite a few of us will need to be re-added to the group since myself left it like a few years ago when I was cleaning out my steam.
ya i can sort that no problem i hope not lol. those guys were funny with their blatant copying of everything we did, but the joke kinda wore off when we found out they were ripping models from our mod without permission.
Will this mod feature martial arts like in that Matrix Mod?
we'll have kickin at least
Call it the Mighty Foot.
The scientists from that mod still come back to me in my nightmares sometimes. Trying to find that video somebody made after we got into the dev release through a counter ops mission.
Shouldn't this be posted under game dev like everything else? Seems a bit strange that this gets the 3rd spot on the front page and its own dedicated forum.
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