• Beta access status + installation instructions
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hellO so right about now you're probably wondering "HOW DO I PLAY", so here's the answer: right now the mod is still a buggy mess (we had something like 6 server crashes and at least 5 client crashes just in the last 24 hours) and has a fair bit of content/balance issues that still need sorting. It's just not reeeally ready to be thrown out into the wild, so we're currently doing closed beta tests. Another benefit of it being in closed testing is not having to deal with spastic kids joining servers and freaking out at us everytime they run into a bug, so yea, it's closed for now. to follow along as we work on stuff, check here http://dev.jaykinbacon.co.uk/projects/jbep3-source/roadmap and also on our discord where game updates are shown automatically in one of our bot channels. THAT BEING SAID THO I'll be throwing invites out from time to time, so stick around and you might just get in. if you do get in, here's the instructions for installing the mod, done by installing a script created by OTT: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/JBEP3/ujsn/Jaykin-Bacon-Episode-3-I-M-NOT-A-HOBO-edition-Featuring-the-talents-of-all-the-COOL-Facepunch/28/#postcvgbxy "HEY do you want to download this game, but want a one-click downloader/updater rather than dealing with tortoisegit's shit???? GREAT just download Git for Windows, click the "Next" button 9 times without reading anything (trust me you don't want to go down that rabbit hole), and download these NIFTY batch files I wrote because tortoise sucks. Put them in your sourcemods folder and run whichever version you want to install. Right now we're mostly testing on the lua-gutting branch, but eventually we'll switch back to master and you'll have to redownload the game. jbep3_install_lua-gutting.bat <<< THIS ONE jbep3_install_master.bat Changelog: v2: Explicitly update to latest remote version instead of letting git figure it out. v1: Initial release."
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