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Hello! As you can tell from the title, we're looking for more translators to help make the mod more accessible to everyone. Steam has a LOT of supported languages, and since this isn't some massive SP mod with a huge story-line, the amount of stuff we need translated thankfully isn't too bad. Here's the list of supported languages, along with what we currently have covered: English French   (Thx Program Files!) Italian  (COULD REALLY USE THIS ONE. Gotta get that sweet, sweet EFIGS coverage, after all) German  (We have one offer so far, tho he's only part way into it) Spanish  (¡Thx JugadorXEI!) Arabic   Bulgarian   Czech   Danish   Dutch   (Thx Galaxy!) Finnish   (We have one offer so far, tho he's not going to be started for a few weeks. Thx Orkel) Greek   Hungarian   Japanese  (MissingNoGuy has offered to take a stab at this, but just let me know if you're also interested) Korean   Norwegian   Polish  (I *might* have someone that can help with this... But let me know if you're interested) Portuguese   Portuguese-Brazil   Romanian   Russian   (We have two native Russian speaking devs so yea, this is well covered lol. Thx Zero and Bekoha) Simplified Chinese   Swedish  (Thx Grimm!) Thai   Traditional Chinese   Turkish   Ukrainian   (Thx Yogi, Poot, and Link&Trends!) And here's the files: Core stuff: JB3 core stuff https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/436716192938328075/467446950602473492/jbep3_english.txt Tutorial pop-ups (NOTE: THESE WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY EXPANDED BY PUBLIC RELEASE. THIS IS ONLY A PREVIEW): JB3 Lessons https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/436716192938328075/467446964230029313/lessons_english.txt Future tutorial messages just off the top of my head: New JB3 lessons Steam Store description: JB3 Store https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454606004093583360/467729772143706112/jbep3_store_desc.txt Steam Store quick description: "Jabroni Brawl: Episode 3 is a free multiplayer modification for Half-Life 2 featuring an enormous variety of game modes, weapons and maps. It draws heavy inspiration from various forgotten Half-Life 1 mods, plus anything else we can think of." If you're interested, let me know. We'll get you set up with mod access and a channel on our discord where you can post progress and ask any questions. Thx!!!!!!!!!!
Could do Hungarian
awesome, that'd def be appreciated. you fine with using Discord? if so, join up here https://discord.gg/D9Rzw5 and I'll get you set up from there.
I'd be careful who you hire to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if the French translation ended up with every weapon named shit like "le baguette gun" and "hon hon hon"
Been monitoring things on the Discord for a while anyways
i mean that would literally be the opposite of accessibility lol since we’d just be pissing off any French people that way. But yea these are all going to be handled seriously so don’t expect any stuff like that.
My round mutator puns are kinda lame :v
I'd love to try my hand at the Polish translation.
awesome, thanks! I've added you to the localisation channels on the discord. feel free to take a look and if you got any questions, ask in there, and either myself or another dev/translator will help answer them.
i'd offer to translate into German.
Thanks, I'll def keep that in mind. I want to see how things go with Anonimoose first but if he ends up needing a hand I'll let you know. And yea feel free to jump onto our discord and I'll give you beta access if you don't have it already.
been on it for a while, names kurashu#3791
I'd be up to do the Italian translations!
Fantastic, that'd be a great help. I'll get you set up over Discord.
i didn't mean it intentionally, I meant it in reference to another game (I don't remember what) that had volunteer translators and the guy who did the French one memed it out
Reminded me how official Russian localization of Total War: Warhammer contained bits like this: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/164784/76611a95-8b58-4ad0-ae90-2d13b4bd3a6f/DHBsfO6W0AEKl-5.jpg Roughly translates to "there's some stuff written in non-Russian. Fucking Americans should learn Russian!!!!!"
I can do norwegian if you want me to.
that'd be great, thanks man. hop onto your Discord if you can and I'll get you set-up.
I can do Brazilian portuguese
That'd be awesome, thanks. Another person had mentioned possibly being interested, but i mean if he ever decides to def do it then he can probably just lend you a hand. I'll get you set up on the Discord tho in the mean time.
I could lend a hand in Spanish if you need to!
Postal, I know you already have some Japanese translators but perhaps having an actual Japanese person like me would help?
i think all he has left at this point is tutorial messages, but regardless i can see what he says and also feel free to jump onto discord and i'll give you beta access either way the person translating actually is a Japanese person, but I'll ask anyways and see if they want help. And yea same deal as the above guy: feel free to jump onto our discord and I'll set you up with beta access anyways
oops, that maybe have been a bit insensitive on my part, I did not realize, sorry. but alright I might check it out
Czech me out
oh not at all, you're fine. I just wanted to explain that since before Ta16 jumped in, it actually was a non-native Japanese speaker that was trying to translate for us. But yea like I said, they may want the extra help anyways, and as soon as I can get a hold on them, I'll ask. thx If you're wanting to help with Czech translation, that'd be awesome. Just hop onto our discord and @ me sometime. Thxxx
I could maybe help with German a bit if it isn't already done or if there aren't too many translators for that already.
Thank you for the offer, but German just recently got a big push in terms of progress, and is now well taken care of. Clearly I need to update this thread faster, but yea seeing as I forgot to do that you can go ahead and just @ me on the Discord tho and I can hook you up with beta access anyways (if you wanted, of course). I've gone ahead and updated the first post to reflect where we currently are with translations. If all these pan out, we'll be tied with Half-Life 2 for number of languages supported lol... Tho granted we obviously don't have as much stuff to translate.
Can't message you privately. My Discord tag is Corvin#4687 (and sorry for responding so late)
I can do European Portuguese if the other translator needs a hand. Alternatively I'm sure Facepunch's bigger Brazillian presence could also help out since it isn't such a big difference to the point of being not understandable (although it's always annoying when people forget about European Portuguese :/ ). Will also take the time to say how I appreciate you're translating the mod to so many languages, when most mods simply remain English.
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