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I don't even play anymore but seems like literally every time I log in after not launching for 2 days or so I get a 75% one lol I had a week where I got 3
It's the worst use of your money. You can get them with incredibly minimal effort.
I used to think so too but I just got bored of farming the dammed things and have been pulling in enough platinum surplus through trade that I started viewing them as ciphers. I could go through the tedium of organized clicking or press a button and get rid of a resource I have too much of for convenience and to do the things that I want to do more often. Platinum exists to alleviate the grind. That's its only mechanical purpose and I'm fine with dropping 50 plat or so on a booster or potato every now and then if it means I can dick around without it feeling like work.
They're only 20 plat. 20 plat can be traded for with incredibly minimal effort. And other than the devstreams, random alerts, invasions and as a super rare sortie reward, you can't just easily get catalysts/reactors
Jesus, actually getting everything necessary to build Garuda without spending plat is insane. I have the materials, I just need standing and debt bonds which seem to be not actually common like the table says they are. I'm not sure if it's better or worse than Khora. At least with Khora it was 1 set of RNG where you just spammed SO, now you have to deal with whether or not you get the right amount of gems, toroids, and bonds as well as being screwed if you have a lower daily standing cap. I have to wait 4 days to level up from rank 3 to rank 4. Then, I have to actually build her which takes another 3 and a half days.
I never implied you should spend your plat on Warframes nor weapons. But overall, it's your money and I'm not gonna tell you how to spend it. If it makes it better for you then by all means do what you want with it. What matters is that you're having fun. Personally I only spend plat on cosmetics and things that are only available with plat.
Fortuna really is the best thing DE have done in a long time. The opening quest is fantastic, all the characters feel unique and interesting, and k-drive is like archwing except fun. It's like they looked at PoE and made it better in every way. The only thing I can really complain about is that enemies feel a bit to powerful and can kill me before I even notice I'm in danger. Even Mesa has some trouble killing enemies before my shields go down. DE somehow keeps managing to surprise me by consistently improving the quality of their content, it's really not the company it was 5 years ago.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/198725/6b3b27d2-d17e-42da-a9dc-e9112d68d664/2018-11-12_171941.jpg Behold, the PentaLanka. Actually looks pretty neat IMO.
Grenade under barrel mods? Yes please
I could imagine a future kitgun-style modular primary weapon system where you could add underbarrels or other secondary firemodes. Mix and match primary weapons would likely completely consume my brain honestly.
00h 58m 46s 5,000crGaruda AltHelmetBlueprint M Prime (Mercury) | Sabotage (Grineer) | Level: 10-12
God I hope they make Garuda not shit. I love her design to much to never play her.
She can dump like infinite damage on things. She is the only frame that scales infinitely.
Yeah. Even compared to others like Nidus who scaled really well for a long time, she truly can just scale up with whatever is thrown at her and quite literally throw it back.
I hope the wukong rework redoes his exalted weapon like gaurda.
I want Vauban to have exalted balls.
That and vaubans vortex
Hah, so Zephyr's Turbulence can intercept and deflect the Orb's artillery strikes. I was just jumping up in to them and forcing the shots to go flying off.
Logged in and got a 50% instead this time, DE knows and they PUNISH ME
She can literally deal over millions of damage in one hit
Not liking the archwing changes on free roam.
What changes?
They're not charges anymore, you just have the launcher forever.
not talking about that, they changed the flight model to be 1:1 space archwing non-experimental mode instead of being able to roll while boosting
Yeah it sucks, I can't drift anymore or turn my champion upside down.
I like the change, can now strafe while boosting
The unvaulting brought us AkVasto Prime! @Komppu , you had some AkVasto rivens stockpiled, right? Congrats!
Prove it
Forum Post: Fortuna Contained within some of these newly released Prime Vault Relics, is a brand new Prime weapon - Akvasto Prime; Orokin craftsmanship married with superior firepower. Dual Vastos, primed and ready to strike!
No, I only have 3 vasto primes, not a single akvasto ones.
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