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Still no walls to avoid bottomless pits?
On Twitter Steve said they're working on something like selectable tilesets for it, so you could test things like enemies in elevated positions/more enclosed or open areas, and ones without environment kills.
Collectable Simulacrum tiles would make a nice change from having more and more Captura rooms. I'd probably prefer them to all be unlocked, if I'm being honest.
Fortuna 2.0 is out
Does Fortuna Part 2: Electric Boogaloo have the new MOA legs? The update page didn't say anything about them
They're in
alright, what relics do I gotta farm to get me Mesass Prime?
https://i.imgur.com/ivrGCoR.png ??????????
Its weird they say "as intended" given that they intentionally increased the radius of it originally.
Site that lists the relics + farming locations: Mesa Prime
Is it worth buying platinum with a 75% off coupon?
If you're not short on funds, yeah. That's pretty much the only time I buy plat.
The 50% or 75% discounts are usually what people recommend you have before buying plat, so if you have money to spend and want to buy plat, go for it.
I have been waiting for a 75% coupon for a fucking YEAR
Stop playing for three days.
That hotfix was fucking horrible, I wasted an hour waiting for the servers to go back since I extracted at the exact moment they crashed after an arbitration (couldn't update account information), and I still didn't get my rewards after it came back up. I really feel like ranting about how incompetent DE seems to be, but I'll spare you that.
So, did they just, not test this update? Like literally play the content once through? One of the weapons infinitely gets brigter, and there's an unskippable cutscene before the bounty. Like that means they legitimately didn't play it. At all.
This update is choke-full of totally baffling decisions to anyone who actually plays this fucking game, like archguns that are an arch-disappointment. We would've gotten coal for christmas if it wasn't for mesa prime.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=TqIn5GzBiuI holy butts
Jesus christ the trading tax on the primed pressure point is absurd. I understand it's a rare item, but 1 million credits is crazy.
if that wasn't bad enough, you're also going to need about the same amount to max rank it, plus something like 40k+ endo
All primed mods have a 1m trading tax, it's annoying but easy to get the credits if you tag along with someone for index runs.
I try to do a few Index runs if I get a credit booster as a login reward.
Correction: all legendary rarity items have the 1m credits trading tax. That does include all the tradable Primed mods yes, but also legendary arcanes (1m for r3 and 100k for r0) and legendary core
You can get the Orokin Reactor by siding with the corpus at Neptune.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58249/e6b8c4f9-00fc-4a8f-8c85-ce38e1bc3fb6/image.png for clarity
Been playing WF again after a big hiatus since The Sacrifice (?). First impressions are that Fortuna is really cool, and so far a lot less grindy than the Plains (and more beautiful imo). K-drives are really cool, but instead of side-grade, they seem significantly inferior to just using an Archwing? Kit-guns look incredible and I'm excited to try it out, along with Garuda. I am really not keen with them pushing Archwing with it still being a such a stale and downtrodden mechanic though. And from what I read about the Orb stuff, apparently it's even more annoying to partake in?
To be fair to K-drives though it is significantly easier to get one and you can get it a lot earlier than an archwing. So being slower isn't such an issue there. Consider for a new player though how absolutely thrilling they must be.
DE just needs to make mod that gives you insane speed boost once you land a simple trick.
Man grabbing Nightfall Apothic for only the 6.06% chance of getting a Growing Power is making me really upset, first group of people I found didn't even have apothic ready to go to increase drop chances. It doesn't help that a daytime ingredient for a night time themed item is required to just obtain it, I'm getting no luck asking my clan chat if they have anyone trying to go for it either. Anyone here want to take a couple of shots at the Silver Groves later today after I've farmed a bit of Nightfall Apothic? Also it's crazy how people don't know that Pilfering Swarm must deal the lethal blow to the target in order for it to cause enemies to drop additional loot, it should atleast have that footnote somewhere on the mod description like "When Hydroid's Tentacles kill a target they have a x% chance to drop additional loot.", instead it's just "Enemies held by tentacles have a x% chance at additional drops.". Lost one entire shot at Growing Power earlier because someone attacked and killed the Knave specter even when it was on top of the tentacles.
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