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It depends on the sortie rotation for the day. To make things a bit of a cakewalk for today, Limbo with a high duration and low range helps a lot for the first and last mission of the sortie. The second mission can be done with Loki or Ivara.
Rhino probably. Just staying alive is the most important thing you can be doing early.
my god the nezha rework is amazing.
Yeah with the new Blazing Chackram, Health Conversion and other armour mods Nehza is actually Sortie viable now
I have no idea what build you've been using but actuator in the phrase Discount Sexually Ambiguous Rhino is Rhino. Nehza's been viable since day one, he jus required more mods to do it, now he requires way less and has a much higher fuck you ceiling.
Nezha is the most attractive male warframe
I recommend Rhino for things that aren't stealth missions. Stealth missions are best done solo or with an organized group.
They really didn't slack on the bulge and butt in the deluxe skin.
Good 🤤
I haven't played in a few months and what the shit why is the update going between 50-500 kbps when steam downloads everything at 7 mbps or more
That's not Rhino or Chroma Deluxe???
I like how it looks, nice and sleek, for once.
Rubico was one of my favorite gun designs, but I'm sure I'll warm up to the prime.
I really hope they make Chroma's 1 and 4 useful. Frankly they could combine his 2 and 3 alongside giving him a new skill.
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rip missed it
I can't believe I just watched a woman spend 40 minutes looking for virtual poop
https://i.imgur.com/LV7Y79U.jpg Hmmm... https://i.imgur.com/TuqFsy0.jpg HMMMM...
I'm just glad DE's got a concept artist that a. has an ass obsession and b. is putting out deluxes that are worth the money now. never forget fire chicken
Not just asses, look at that bulge, oomph. I really hated the skin while they were working on it, but man it sure has grown on me (if you catch my meaning) 👌
Nezha from a good boy became the best boy
i think i found another riven that will sit on my inventory forever https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200318/6d671d3a-1365-4a57-9a5c-90605eee92c4/image.png
Enemies should try to target one point at a time, also you cap way faster when solo so just prepare running around and pay attention what letter flashes.
This is the one time that Vauban is useful. Go to a small interception map and throw a Bastille with the augment on every single point and just circle around the map as you constantly do this. Make sure you have really high duration and either energy pizzas or Zeniruk to keep up your energy consumption. Make sure its Grineer, Infested can glitch straight through his Bastille and Corpus/Corrupted can just bubble boi it away.
Nyx, max range and duration 5 minutes done
Capture at least 3 points to gain a lead, then maintain 2 points once you've got a decent lead. Limbo with a high range-high duration build or a Nidus comes in handy.
Hell, I've done that one with Nova before. It may seem daunting, but it's not that bad.
You don't even need a special frame for that one, just go solo and keep capping one point after another. The enemy can't catch up with you. The Hobble downside is completely bypassed with bulletjumps and - if available - Naramon dashes. Worst case scenario you can spread yourself across three points with your Operator, Warframe + Companion and a Specter. Companion and Specter aren't foolproof defenses, but they can buy you more than enough time to come to defend the point personally before it gets capped.
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