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https://puu.sh/C74P7/3a66f3ec03.webm Sometimes I ask myself why I keep returning back to this game
You missed 3 times what do you mean?
that was some goddamn tard jousting I tell you what
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/238793/8da7db5b-518f-41d3-8a4a-5898cca24703/image.png Stolen from reddit, new Valk strat.
Also did that the other day, and right after playing Tachanka in defense. Then I posted in global chat: "In Russia, you play Pachinko on both sides."
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/502353416987869187/519704196602396672/20181205130818_1.jpg So it seems like Ubisoft is heavily foreshadowing the next season as being Australian-themed. Also worth noting is the area that is circled, which is quite close to where nuclear tests were completed, which would co-inside with the return of the outbreak event in a way.
I'm still bummed I didn't get the damascus season pass skin, I know its just cosmetics yiddy yadda but I'm just one day late buying the season pass and it didn't go through the system and they wouldn't give it to me even after I contacted customer support
its the exception tho, it looks good on the AutoMag but it looks bad on almost all ARs due to having waaaaay too many wood parts to the point where i think the MP5s entire trigger group is made out of wood and that triggers me in turn
it's not even mahogany.
The FALs look sweet as hell with it tho.
Nomad thicc af.
For the first time I'm annoyed at season skins I wanted Grim Sky stuff for a few more of my Operators
https://puu.sh/CeVJU/1fc71b9934.webm That Hibana shouldn't have let me live.
I can't imagine not using an acog on the mp5 :v
Just got this on sale. heard that the chat filter is the best weapon in the game. Any tips?
spell dabbing backwards
tell them that using ! in exchange for the i will work protip: it doesn't
Remember kids! When you're shooting a Doc You don't ever stop!
I just type "niggå" and I'm fine
"nibba" doesn't get you banned anymore
nice try
what's black in Spanish?
there was an attempt
Speaking of nibba... Dev Blog
Was in a game last week and a guy kept saying it in chat, he was removed from the match after about the 5th time he said it, so yeah it does
https://twitter.com/SiegeChannel/status/1072587944911765504 anime
Does her face ingame look better than before?
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