• Super Smash Bros General v15: Grinch Movie 2018 Debate Thread
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The leak did seem to be too perfect, like all the characters were something people were throwing out for months.
Love the Piranha Plant. Will probably play it the most. Sucks for people who keep falling for fake leaks lol
Why dose he look like a fake painted character leak It's just looks so werid
Like Mewtwo was for WiiU/3DS
This is way longer than the 50 factstravaganza and showed less
And then Box
Spirits look like shit yo,everything else is nice,how are y'all disappointed?
Well, the Grinch leak got me excited, that's how I knew it was fake. Still, seeing Snake hidding in his box trying to escape the death ray made me laugh, so all is good.
It's weird how Isaac wasn't an assist trophy in 4.
That was honestly the funniest shit I have ever seen after all the hype buildup and leaks. I laughed so hard at a mook plant getting in I'm not even angry. Doesn't exactly convince me to buy the DLC pack early though Nintendo.
You ever just see someone put a tremendous amount of effort into something you know people won't appreciate and you don't have the heart to tell them? Spirits feels sort of like that for me. I legit never used the stickers in Subspace Emissary and it all just seems needlessly complicated for a thing that I don't see people really getting involved with. I'll definitely play through it but I don't see myself getting invested after that.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1883/04c1e250-a403-40ca-ba88-b69b7187d7d0/image.png What do you mean hes right there.
piranha plant proves that literally fucking anything can be a newcomer except your most wanted
His dick is literally on fire
So if I don't buy the game early, I have to miss out on a character? Are they literally locking content behide a paywall?
I think I'll hold off on getting a Switch now, wanted something to blow me away as the last direct to push me over the edge and take the plunge, but this didn't do it for me enough to justify it. Game will be great still. and hope people have a lot of fun with it.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210969/7a6bf666-aa41-4b35-97fb-ce773a55b8b4/UpufEPk.jpg So this leaked image of Ken was the real deal.
Mewtwo was confirmed as DLC and the 3DS game was already released by then.
They did the same thing with Mewtwo
Well...at least it isn't Steve.
The worst part is the pity party a majority of the internet is gonna be for the next couple of weeks. Smash Ultimate still looks really really good. And the wound the Grinch leak made will heal over time.
are you sure?
Incineroar looks fucking fantastic. The fact that people are getting legitimately salty because "the leak wasn't true, what the fuck Sakurai, how dare you insult us with these reveals" is proof that Smash has one of the worst fanbases out there. I believed the leak, I was hyped for Banjo and Mach Rider, but that's on me. We've got a dedicated grappler with a fucking Irish Whip in Smash Bros and people are still unhappy. I can get being disappointed that your character didn't make it in, but anyone holding actual contempt towards Sakurai and the devs for their "insulting" additions to the game needs to actually grow the fuck up.
o was that actually in the direct? lol was looking for that but I guess I missed it. rip Geno, then
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