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I'm glad a lot of the dumb shit design choices in four were reverted in favor of updating 3/NV's designs, like the non skin-tight vault suits and the 10mm smg, too bad they're partly wasted on the multiplayer concept. I'm hoping that they decide to go the same route for the eventual fallout 5 coming in 2040
I'm excited to see what modders do with it when mod tools and private servers come out. Fallout 76 feels like a great framework for something kickass.
I always wished there'd be Power Armour specific weapons, as in you can only equip them if you're in the frame, they're too heavy otherwise or have too much recoil and only Power Armour can control it properly, instead Fallout 4 gave us a Handheld Cannon we could use while wearing nothing at all, remarkable stuff.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107265/c9a8adf5-95ef-4e77-9dbb-9068ce6ff7b0/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107265/4e7ebb5a-1bfa-446a-bd07-460972966346/image.png
Watch the Creation Club be the only way to use mods since the private servers will be owned by and rented from Bethesda. Honestly what reason do they have to not do that?
Creation club depends on modders to fuel it, without mods modders won't have a portfolio for bethesda and they won't get any fresh content especially with how different 76 is. I'll expect creation club content will turn up on the atom store and weapons to be added in the big updates they're wanting to do. Like I doubt bethesda will suddenly go 180 on mods, but the apparant one year wait is a bit "what are you doing bethesda"
Any hope for modding as we know it is unfortunately going to come from the shady side of the modding scene. I've expressed serious doubts about free reign modding in the past, but now that I've had experience with the beta I feel pretty comfortable saying don't hold your breath for anything beyond creation club style modding. Even if it's not creation club, you'll have to put the mod through some sort of beth.net style service, I guarantee it. And even if we're allowed free reign modding, Beth's private servers being on their end would make a lot of interesting mods flat out impossible. There's just too many variables to expect a modding scene anything like what we've come to know, so fingers crossed for the pirates to get their shit together, or for a TTW-style combination of 4/76 to happen.
I don't know much about the process but wouldn't people making a TTW-esque equivilent have more trouble porting stuff to a previous version of the engine than to a later one? Do we know enough about how the assets differ yet?
Yeah I really don't know, when I saw "TTW-esque" I use it as kind of a catch-all for mashing the two games together in one way or another rather than just forcing Fo76 to work offline. The way I see it, it could be equally as difficult back-porting as it could be ripping the game off it's server dependencies. But I really have no idea
So I kinda enjoy F76, I've played the beta yesterday with my friend, and well we had a decent time. Sure it ain't like a regular Fallout game but it can be fun. Obviously right now the game has quite a bit of bugs and i've seen them a bit, but honestly I think they will fix them, I mean it's a multiplayer game after all, they would be crazy not to fix glitches and exploits on a multiplayer game. I love the weapons, there is quite a bit of new weapons that are just nice looking and good in general, from pump shotguns to pitchforks, weapons are great. Vats is really wonky but i don't know if they could do any other version of the vats to work in mp game, but at least it can help a bit, It helped me alot in pvp. Oh and selecting a certain limb is super hard. Anyways, this game ain't the best thing ever, but it can be fun if you're into survival like multiplayer experience with friends.
If you're using a mouse you just scroll the scroll wheel and it stays on whatever limb you target. If you're using a controller it tries to aim at where you're aiming which does not work.
Im on PC, didn't know that.
If they’re going to use creation club they would have said creation club.
They will definitely have them uploaded through a similar system to beth.net on consoles though.
Anyone found yet where do you learn to craft metal walls? Or rather have complete list of where to find most crafting plans.
The reason mods and private servers are probably coming next year is so the game can stand on its own two feet for a while, and so the can milk the atom store. They want people to experience the game the way they made it first
Anyone have a extra ps4 code so I could try the last beta today? I have 50 coins or something. I just want to try this game out before launch and not pre order it.
After playing like 6 hours with other people in a team I want the game more then I did before that, which was not at all.
@Pax has two codes IIRC, unless he gave those away. I might just be able to play on the PS4 but in the eventuality that I do it'll be like an hour before it ends.
@Pax if you do I would appreciate it. I just now noticed new punch doesnt have dms so my twitter is @reallywolfgang and discord is Isaac#4870
wait what??? when?
We don't have any dates or anything yet, just Pete saying that.
So I tried F76 for the first time yesterday. I really hope it's just because it's the beta but the game became literally unplayable for me when I ventured into the town with the Vault-Tec University. My FPS couldn't get above 20 and it just kept freezing, sometimes up to 10 seconds. Outdoor areas in general are wonky and my FPS are all over the place, while interiors are perfectly fine. I blame it all on the engine as my PC is pretty far from being a potato. And if there's one thing I learnt from this short session : play with a team. The game is very tedious and soulless if you go alone. I'm glad I was offered a beta key. There's no way I'm pre-ordering and paying full price for this. I'll be waiting for a sale later (if bethesda does any)
if there are more times beyond this weekend I wouldn't mind having a beta key too @Pax
I've still got 3 keys I can hand out if anyone wants, so far my experience has been quite limited because these fucking time locked beta periods are absolute cancer for someone who works zero hours. I've got a grand total of an hour of playtime over the last two because they always end just after I get back from work. Also I thought the point of these was to stress test the servers, yet they're biasing it to one region and it's not even peak time, its like they just went "can't be fucked to give Steve overtime, just make the betas time locked and have it run along his shift so he can watch the numbers".
I'd love one. And I don't really want to push it, but if you're comfortable with it I've got a friend off FP that would appreciate one too.
Throw me a message on discord or something else, considering theres not pm feature, posting them right here would likely get the nabbed. Reagy#1001
Did they ever push an update? Just kept working and didn't take a break to play yesterday since I didn't see an update in the launcher. Kinda want to wait for an update since light looks bad, blur and fov kinda makes me feel sick, and framerate is all over the place, but not 100% anything on my PC
Nice, thanks! Sent a friend request. Couldn't find you in a shared channel. I'm Shivvy.
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