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Fallout 76 has been pretty great so far. Found a couple spots where power armor spawns and found out that you can farm parts by just switching worlds and going back, so now I have a full set of raider and t-51b. My main problem with this game, and it's a big one, is the limited stash size. How do they expect you to keep going out and exploring and finding stuff when your stash size is limited to 400? I hit that limit after starting the last beta test, as did all my friends. Who thought this was a good idea? If I already hit this limit in the beta, how am I going to do anything once the game actually launches?
I would like to say that 76's Appalachia Radio makes me smile every single time I hear it. I'm so happy that one of the few things that screams, "THIS IS A FALLOUT GAME," is the radio. Because sometimes I don't feel it. I like 76 and I'm glad I bought it but I'm also playing Fallout 2 for the first time and there is a distinct difference. Oh well, I'm just gonna keep playing 76 and enjoy it until I can't anymore.
I think the idea is that you sell and trade a lot
https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/1151/images/35361/35361-1541260245-2007725893.jpeg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/1151/images/35361/35361-1540025535-10325627.jpeg MoreLoadScreens at Fallout 4 Nexus Adds way more loading screens
You see, I wouldn't have a problem with that, if vendors from the same faction didn't share the same cap limit making the core of the game, looting, extremely frustrating.
Correct, patch is out, but they still haven't posted the patch notes
Some of these are actually pretty cool, some of these are eh. A little weak or strange. I like the one that is based off that concept art of the courser.
Damn Bethesda.net's shitty install system. I had to delete Dark Souls 3 and Elite Dangerous to clear enough space for this patch to download.
Can't wait patch just to be some really really really small changes yet forcing us to download ~30GB.
Very glad I bought a new SSD to hold this bollocks. Random 30gig patches on any of my other drives would be no bueno. The launcher doesn't even indicate to you when it's downloading, I thought my internet was crapping out.
oh wow some of these are really well done and a lot of care went into mak- https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/273775/108e23f0-8a50-418f-85db-8a0b9ee9258d/image.png please sir I can only get so erect
Seath by snu snu
yeeeeah, there are quite a few fetishized female armors in the mod.
Played the beta for a bit and the game still feels like fallout, there are some nice questlines and factions such as the Enclave but I am a bit worried what's the endgame going to be like considering this is supposed to be an online game, and grinding nuke codes for nuke launches, then just grinding mobs but higher level over and over doesn't seem that interesting.
I feel like I'm definitly going to be playing the game even after it launches. Honestly out of all the 3D Fallouts, 76 has my favorite world map so far. Still a lot of tweaking that can be done with the gameplay, but it's not unfixable imo. Also, I love (NPC Spoiler) Rose the Raider-Bot, her personality is great and her quest-line is a lot of fun imo, makes me wish the game gave you dialogue options
Now that I've finally downloaded 76's beta (though I still haven't got the latest update), I've had a look at some of the stuff that's associated with the Atomic Store. Some of this stuff might just be leftover files, or not intended to be released for a while, so don't expect anything to show up soon. I'm mostly going to talk about weapons/armour, because it's relatively easy to look at and is in my eyes the most interesting. There's Four Horseman of the Apocalypse PA skins (being Black, Pale, Plague and War). A second Vault Tec PA paint that looks yellow/tan in the textures, but there's no more details than that. The Croquet Mallet that's been shown in the images is a Sledgehammer skin, and the Candy Cane is a Walking Cane skin (meaning you can expect both just texture skins and full weapon replacements to be sold). There's a Sten called The Black Knight (could be a weapon skin too, there's not enough info on it). There's Manta Man and Santa outfits. The Vault 111/FO4 Vault suit and the Evel Knievel looking outfit may never actually come out as they're marked as cut, but these could just be misnamed/duplicate records that'll come out later. There was a gold Pip-Boy at one point too. There's a lot more information on the lunchboxes too. You'd buy them and then activate near a group of players to cause "Party Favors", which is assumedly a random (temporary?) effect. The effects I've seen so far are: Increased carry capacity Increased jump height Increased damage to certain enemies (animals, robots, super mutants) Increased rad resistance Increased XP 5% bonus damage with an extra visual effect Stopping the thirst and hunger meters Separately, there's also associated lists (that I can't see inside right now) of Balloons, Bobbleheads, Magazines, Mutations, and Perks, so maybe you'd get a random selection of those too. This whole lunchbox system might be cut, as some of this is marked as cut/old, or that could just mean that parts of it are cut, and when they actually release it, only a few of these effects are available. Either way, serious thought was put into this system, so at least at one point they were intended on selling more than cosmetics. On top of that, there's a tiny bit more on them selling perk card packs. There's a Atomic Store keyword/category for Perk Card Packs, there's 4 debug levelled combat packs and a "Vault-Tec Survival Card Pack" with an associated gum list. Really not much more information, but it seems like they got far enough along with this idea that it was actually implemented in the store. I really would not be surprised if this shows up again in the future.
Does anyone have an extra PS4 code?
I have one pc code left if anyone want's it.
https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/3zijn9WlHG8O4YYKY8CsEM/fallout-76-b-e-t-a-patch-notes-november-5-2018 30GB for this? I fear for this game's updates.
Crafting: Material requirements to craft Throwing Knives and Tomahawks have been increased. Additionally, Throwing Knives and Tomahawks can no longer be sold to vendors. What a weak way of balancing.
May I? ^^
someone found out that not only is there no client-side validation for anything, the network traffic is encrypted plain text https://np.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9u71m1/get_ready_for_endless_fun_on_pc/
Lol are you for real? Security is something I was so concerned with about Fo76. But I thought that they had gotten help from other departments who actually know their shit about online play. Bethesda producing an online game with shitty security is...it's too good, yknow? Too easy.
That's a seriously disproportionate patch size to patch note ratio. Guess we just download the game again everytime they commit a few tiny bug fixes, who needs version control? Just fucking burn it down and start again.
Holy SHIT this is absolutely enormous. We've managed to get cheats literally PRE WEEK 1
Literally who is surprised? One of the main arguments I hear for Bethesda keeping the same rickety ass engine all this time is because the community modders are so familiar with it that they can mould it like clay. And then they release a live service on the very same engine and expect nothing to go wrong. What the actual fuck are they doing?.
if this is all true, then i'm done. bethesda completely failed basic cybersec protocols. how is that even possible
also https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9u71m1/get_ready_for_endless_fun_on_pc/e94fize/ https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9u71m1/get_ready_for_endless_fun_on_pc/e94gv73/
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout76?tab=new+this+week I wonder if they’ll have to do something PR suicide worthy, and C&D this nexus.
fucking classic bethesda, if there's anything more flagrant than that I'd like to see client-side vs. server-side verification is fucking basic stuff. Even source has a flag for that, as simple as going sv_pure 0/1.
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