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Be honest now, you both do that a lot.
team fortress still has crazy potential .
wait you're from turkey? thought you were a 'murrican. jesus i feel sorry for you now.
but giving how development works at valve, it was most likely someone made a pitch for a new project and a big group of devs got lured in at the promise of getting a juicy bonus.
Trying so hard to be funny that you just come off as unfunny and awkward, and a little rude
well that's just like, your opinion and stuff, chommie.
CSGO struggled to break 20k average players it's first few months and we all know what happened with it's numbers. You really shouldn't rush to make judgements about it's numbers when Valve has shown it's in it for the long haul with their multiplayer games.
CSGO launched with no valve dev support, and only got a playerbase spike when valve intervened with microtransactions Artifact has both of these at the gate and it's already doing poorly
CSGO would have stayed below 100K if not for skins, Artifact launched out of the gate with the microtransactions in maximum overdrive.
This just may be the most aggressive monetization model I've ever seen in a AAA game, and that's saying a lot in a field saturated with aggressive monetization.
you're laugthing at that but its still 30k people playing it. the sole fact that its at the top ten is no small feat. the real joke would be to see how fast the game bleeds players out of it.
They plopped an unskippable video advertisement for Artifact into the Dota 2 client. 30k is abysmal and they know it.
you should be more of an optometrist then.
stop post
What surprised me is the fact monster hunter world is up there and beating artifact and rust.
Really? That’s freakin’ insolence. Somebody must whip their butts, or it will get out of the hand.
Monster Hunter World has constant update support and ironed out a lot of issues, they really deserve to be there. I'm mostly wondering about two things: Will they fix up artifart where are my tf2 promos
All Promos go to DotA2 now, didn't you know?
I'm fuming about artifact I was really stood telling all my mates when it got announced, with them all telling me I was stupid, that this was going to be a massive gamechanger. I literally thought that artifact was about to end the card game market and I couldn't understand why none of my friends agreed. I thought what they'd do was do exactly what they did in dota / csgo and push the daylights out of cosmetic changes and have the game be essentially free (I mean csgo actually was free in the last sale so there you go) All they needed to do was make stupidly rare gold border stuff and even rarer holographic foil or particle effects on attack or animated cards or some weird 3d hologram thing for heroes or literally anything for the enthusiasts to gobble up and trade on the steam store for 100 usd a pop so u make 25 quid every time - then make it so u can earn cards so that getting a good deck doesn't cost u hundreds of gameplay hours or loads of money. leave making big bucks to the enthusiasts cause casuals like me don't want to spend bare did they not trust the game was good enough that anyone would actually be enthusiastic about it? no other card game has the access to such easy monetisation & a giant advertisement the game to the biggest pc store, I really think if they took proper advantage of their tried and tested monetisation routes it would have popped I'm not saying ive spent a load of money on microtransactions, because I honestly haven't, but when csgos gambling was about (the good one in csgolounge not stupid slot machine crap) I must have spent a couple of hundred pounds in store fees liquidating all the shit I won. I know I did, because I maxed out my steam account money like 3 times. That's just an example of how a cheapskate like me can still end up contributing to a games success, so you may say it's entitlement but it's not like I'm not contributing more than most people anyway to the margins NOW all my friends are ripping me cause I was so unbelievably incorrect and that's pretty UPSETTING
I don't know what you expected man. CCG's and TCG's are, hands-down, the single most manipulative and exploitative industries in gaming. They are entirely constructed on a model that is pretty much legalized gambling, and that is even worse when you realized how heavily card games are marketed towards children. Everything going on with Artifact is par for the course, and honestly what anyone who has played a CCG/TCG should have expected this. Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon have been doing this same exact shit for nearly 20 years now, and no one batted an eye then.
yeah, I mean now that it's happened of course I'm like what was I thinking this is what PC gaming is like atm so of course they'll get away with it, and yeah I do play HS and I did have yugioh as a kid, though I wasn't that into it, I still sort of recognise that it is indeed pretty much par for the course. Though, irl card games don't require you to pay tickets and you can trade them unregulated, so that is at least something. I just expected valve to do better, just like they could be charging way more for each game. always seemed like player number was king with valve because they don't realistically need the money what with steam just sponging it all up. felt more like they want blockbuster titles to make sure people stay on their platform, so to me I felt like it was a case of bringing in the audience to steam and keeping em here I mean yeah, valves support is not as good as it could be, and I know we do like to complain but you have to admit, valve games are extremely good value for money historically, especially when you look at the times where companies were charging for map packs and the like, valve were looking to get it in for free I just figured they'd continue to deliver that and continue to do better. I didn't expect it to go entirely how I would have done it, but not in my nightmares would I have expected it to be essentially equivalent to hearthstone, AND have an entry cost
I noticed something today. Of the many things unfinished and missing from Jungle Inferno was the glaring lack of any new achievements. The TF2 team have not added any new achievements to the game since the two related to Pass Time in the summer of 2016. Prior to that, Powerhouse had a bunch of map-specific ones a year earlier. I mention this now because I was looking at the Artifact store page on Steam and saw that it doesn't have any achievements at all. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised by this because Dota2 also lacks Steam achievements as well. Are in-game achievements another feature left to the die on the vine? I see how achievement items like the Ubersaw were ultimately a bad idea, and how they have been replaced with contracts (which are a mixed bag at best, but I digress...) I can also imagine that the TF2 engine code is such a mess that adding new achievements might be a massive headache. I'm still surprised that Valve have seemingly abandoned one of the major features of their own gaming platform.
Maybe contracts are sort of a replacement for them perhaps? I mean, they are kind of similar in a sense...
imo the best achievements were all added years and years and years ago, and even then were few and far between amongst all the "deal a million damage as pyro" garbage. If we're complaining about a lack of achievements that are at all interesting, that's not really a critique of Jungle Inferno specifically, and more a critique of the past half decade of updates. I can't say I'm super miffed about no more "kill 200 parchuting demomen" or "win 495 rounds on foundry" achieves.
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