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I've got to admit that its far better to just randomly get an achievement out of nowhere during normal gameplay. focusing exclusively towards achieving them feels less like an actual milestone and more like you merely worked yourself out for the sake of. its the exact same reason why the JI contracts felt forced and out of place.
Woops, thinking of Payday 2
I've been wondering for a while if the map selection for quickplay is a bad idea? TF2 doesn't have the biggest playerbase already, and the map pool is enormous. Giving the playerbase that many options to pick and choose and exclude divides players and creates egregiously long queue times, especially when playing with friends I don't think map pool selection is entirely bad, but considering the prevalence of maps like 2fort, turbine, dustbowl, hightower, and harvest, I feel like something needs to be done. My thoughts are two selections of playlists; one based on the complexity of the maps (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert playlists) for maps that are more difficult to grasp and maps that are simpler. The majority of maps like koth and ctf can go in beginner and intermediate, since those gamemodes are very straightforward and symmetrical, while more obtuse gamemodes and maps like hydro, snowplow, standin, and steel can go in the advanced and expert categories the other playlist is straightforwardly just gamemode selection. Sometimes you just wanna play 5cp. Though I couldn't imagine why /s I don't think that specific map selection is healthy, considering a huge number of players flock directly to the aforementioned maps, and whats worse is that the map popularity is gauged in meters on the map selection, making it more likely people will queue for maps that are populated, resulting in a feedback loop. Allowing gamemode/complexity queueing might upset players who exclusively want to play one map at any given time, but I feel ultimately it would result in more people playing more maps and shorter queue times overall. Plus, some of those popular maps are terrible at teaching newer players how they're supposed to play and are often treated like deathmatch battlegrounds. People come into TF2 expecting a deathmatch experience because of that. just a think and im sure these thoughts have been parroted countless times
Stopped reading after you said that.
I've only ever had trouble matching into maps that most people aren't really playing anyway (in the alternative category). I don't think we should take away the option to go to specific maps- sometimes you really just want to play a certain map, especially if your time is limited- but weekly/biweekly playlists would be a pretty solid idea, imo, especially if they're used to spotlight less popular maps.
I guess stating facts is offensive to TF2 players now? The game ain't what it was in 2011 and it's not getting bigger with the current treatment you're right, it's not tiny, but do you really think it has the same pull as Overwatch or other recent titles in the modern market? TF2 isn't even currently Valve's biggest multiplayer title let alone that huge in the market as a whole.
No, when you say stupid things like "TF2 has a low playerbase" when it has 44k+ players concurrently, I take offense. It's still consistently is one of the top 10 most played games on Steam. Just because it dose'nt have every single player in the universe playing it every second of every day doesn't mean it has a low playerbase. When the game has only 5k players, get back to me with those sick "improve queue time" suggestions.
did I say low?
go ahead and make matchmaker worse. It'll help populate community servers.
If you think TF2's playerbase is gonna skyrocket to the 100,000s for longer than a week or in any situation other than another big update hitting and people coming back for a week, then you're crazy. It has a consistent playerbase. Your idea is also ridiculous because you think taking away the choice of playing on maps in a game like Tf2, where maps are a core part of the experience and there are over 100 maps in the game, will do anything beyond annoy players and become the next OG quickplay, where it's only seen as negative. The current system is fine.
that doesn't mean low though???
Then what does it mean? That it doesn't have 100k players every day? Because I already explained why you aren't gonna get that and why your change isn't going to help that cause.
If it had proper support I could see the game easily reaching over 100k average.
"low" and "high" arent the only values things can be somewhere in between
Mmmyeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. The current "casual" matchmaking system is a steaming pile of maggot-ridden dog links. It's little more than a warmed over version of the MvM lobby system with some minor tweaks. The casual matchmaking experience is worse in more or less all ways than the same under QuickPlay, which was a flawed system as it was. It's more difficult to drop in to a game on a given map and play a few rounds. The entire process is slower. Pick map(s). Queue for casual. Wait. Load map (chug chug chug). Wait 60 seconds for the round to start. Round ends. Forced map reload. More chug chug chug. Another 60 seconds. Massive player churn. 3 v 11 games. Autobalance has returned, but not really fixed anything. No option to join spectate to see if that sniper is a really good quick scoper who knows the map's sight lines, or a cheating fuck. No option to join the enemy team and call a kickvote him when the latter becomes obvious. No ability to escape "set next map to 2Fort/Turbine/Hightower/Harvest" when playing a fucking PAYLOAD map. No defense against cheaters who lobby up together and steamroll a server. Also, no way to divert traffic to community servers except via the dated-for-2007 server browser. Post-MyM, TF2 has a major stratification in the maps that are actually populated. Both Valve's shit casual mode and community servers are dominated by the same handful of maps. The current system is anything BUT fine.
Exaggeration doesn't mean much. Of course my rhetoric won't mean much either, but the experience between then and now isn't much worse except for the fact that community servers have died, which has been discussed to death. Playing the base game is still the exact same as it was when server browser existed, except now you can queue up for the official maps you want and be in a match within minutes. And no, the average/desired time between queuing up and joining a server is not, nor will it ever be, faster than at most 20 seconds. It's never going to be that fast. It's not even that fast in games like League, where there's one map and at the most 2 different modes of game play. Since I was on a Star_ binge yesterday, I'd encourage people to check out this video as a reminder of why the server browser system isn't always great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaxEvEwJt7g
Yeah I think if the game had a better, more engaging tutorial that helped retained more new players plus more event passes like the Jungle Inferno pass the game would see a higher consistant player base. Honestly I don't know why Valve doesn't put out a new event pass like the Jungle Inferno one as soon as the last one ends even if it doesn't come with a major update, make or buy a few cosmetics and warpaints as rewards and keep players engaged with the game.
I've played for so long with various settings in my config and settings and I decided to use mastercom's ultra config and man, why have I been playing without ragdolls for so long, I last played tf2c like 2 years ago I'm surprised something as small as silly ragdolls and gibs can have such an effect on how the game feels, it makes the game feel a lot more goofy and fun without even changing the gameplay; using a viewmodel_fov of the default 54 plus the default HUD gives a weird nostalgia for when I played the 360 version as well for how long I've had that changed. And of course, I managed to play a game on hydro, would just need the item servers to be down for that pure nostalgia feeling, but shit's fun tbh
Having those great games that you need to congratulate everyone involved. Communication was spot-on. Game sense was lit. Everyone tried their best.
Since I don't have any friends that play TF2, would people that peruse FP be itnerested in doing goofy MVM shit one night this december? I got to try out a weird shit run with friends on an easy mission, we all played Engineer, and for what it was, only 3 of us, it was still lots of fun. I have a lot of ideas for goofy MVM runs, like all Eyelander/Shield Demoman, all Sniper, all Pyro, et cetera. Obviously it'd be done on an easier mission
Anyone knows if the sounds used on the intel room in 2fort are stock or made by Valve? I'm sure I heard the exact same thing on an episode of Cowboy Bebop.
Most of TF2 sounds are stock and can be heard in other media. I remember hearing woodern crate creek in Bioshock and immediately receiving flashbacks of bad unboxings.
Coincidentaly,in MGS V i could swear the computers in the pump control room had the same stock sounds as the tf2 ones.
there is something magical about a 12vs12 process Valve Casual Server - at 2am, it's like an entirely different experience, the true gamers show their skin
Valve uses TONS of stock sounds for their games. My favorite one is that the Fast Zombie charging scream is sped up Howie scream.
and the medigun is a scifi door
imagine saying a 10 year old game with 40k+ constant playerbase is "low".
Imagine a nine-year-old game having a playerbase larger than Dota 2. Yeah, TF2 has a relatively low concurrent player count.
calling tf2 mediocre its laughtable considering the game has stayed on the market on the top ten most played games for almost ten years, outlasting anything ever relased from its generation and the next one. sure, you can dismiss valve's missmanagement all you want, but the core game is a solid product, and the fact we're still here despite all of these mismanagements is a testament to its worth. its a damn fine argument when you take into account that the average FPS MP game barely stays afloat in the market for more than 3 years before devs need to relaunch it with a sequel.
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