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This one actually came from a friend, but... Kojima totally ripped off Underhell's house level when he made P.T., right? Good thing Konami put a stop to it. Phew! That house is still my favorite Source thing ever. The friend in question watched me play around that house, and holy shit there were some amazing moments that I didn't know could happen.
Howl: I hate it because Valve have been advertising and pandering it to their established FPS-multiplayer fanbase as their next big property when that's completely the wrong market. It's like going to a Japanese restaurant, only for some bastard in a mascot suit to come up and try and foist a pizza on you. Like, sure, I fucking love pizza (as much as my digestive system doesn't), but I'm not there for pizza. I don't follow Valve for shitty card games with MTXes, I follow them for engaging singleplayer and long-lived, hardy multiplayer experiences. This instant gratification card game tosh has the lifespan of a Maxi-Pad and is worth singing about just as much, in my eye. If they were actually marketing it to the Hearthstone/other card game audiences I might not be bothered, but Valve seem to believe that people love the mere brand, not the products. It's infuriating. (Replying to Howl's post from the previous thread) I think its disingenuous to assume or insinuate that Valve's FPS fanbase has a monopoly on their attention. Valve, in my opinion, has made it clear that HL3 is dead in the water. For Valve, it has always been the case of "produce the work, see the results". If that means they will make a card game or VR stuff or Steam Machines, then so be it. Sometimes the passion or want/need to create for a particular genre or franchise is just not there anymore (being burnt out), and it's a hard thing to accept. For instance, I wouldn't want to be stuck working on the same game or franchise for 20 years if it is already a massive success. That means I have more freedom to work on other things I find interesting, even if that means going in a different direction. Invariably, companies that last this long will change and their ideas change with them. I've been a fan of Valve's games since HL1, but I respect the fact that their focus can and will change over time. It's part of what keeps them alive. If not for that, we would likely not have Source 2, which is an incredible step up over Source. I hated Dota 2 at first, when it was released back in late 2010/early 2011. I didn't get the mechanics or like the gameplay, but it grew on me eventually. I don't play it much anymore since the development tools came out, but I still stick to it for the modding scene and am pretty active in it. And I can understand and see why Valve is going in the direction they are going. No one wants to be stuck in the past. That's where progress stagnation is. So to wrap it all up; sometimes to take two steps forward, you need to take one step back (or to the side). People might say "Oh well not releasing HL3 is a million steps back" and to that/them I say; "move on!" That's all I got to say on that matter.
I really want to understand the hate that Artifact has It's not hard, if you think from the perspective of Valve's other fanbases, even if the game ends up great and becomes successful. Personally I don't care about it, but I expected a Valve card game years ago and not when the craze died down and made way to the BR craze. Seems a bit late like Blizzard was with HotS, but we'll see. I think its disingenuous to assume or insinuate that Valve's FPS fanbase has a monopoly on their attention. They clearly don't, because the Dota fanbase has it :p If not for that, we would likely not have Source 2, which is an incredible step up over Source. It's not like they would have been on Source forever, anyways. Developers make new tech from time to time to meet the rising demands. I'd argue we'd already have it by now (meaning a general SDK) and it would be more widespread, if Valve didn't decide they want to do hardwares, OS and graphic API on top of maintaining their GaaS. They started work on it in 2010, we know L4D3 was a thing on it, but then it wasn't and that 2015 Source 2 announcement of the SDK also didn't happen. It's out in Dota and Destinations, and soon Artifact. Not everyone can experience what a supposedly step up it is over Source :p No one wants to be stuck in the past. Stuck in the past, lol. They ended the series on a cliffhanger promising a sequel, which they never officially cancelled.
No one would have a problem (while being upset) if Valve honestly said that they were no longer working on half life as soon as it that became obvious. The main problem that people have a problem with is that Valve essentially committed an act of treachery on its own past without wrapping anything up and torturing loyal fans for years with their vague bullshit without ever properly addressing anything without giving the work of art that made them as a company any respect whatsoever. It is insulting to both themselves and anyone who used to love them. Half Life games had a fucking MASSIVE influence on me as a person to such an enormous degree that the series were some of the most important videogames that I have ever experienced, and watching this crap happen to Valve is sort of like watching a bunch of close friends slowly transform into detached oil salesmen who don't even remember your name anymore, or like watching a bunch your close friends get murdered and have some random imposter assholes wear their skin as masks with the only remaining close friend leading all of them while being too afraid or jaded to do anything.
To be honest Valve was never 100% about the single player experiences, Half-Life was only one of their projects along with Prospero, if Prospero was finished instead of HL Valve would have been in a very different position.
Frankly, I am more shattered that SoB did not become a thing. When I heard what it was going to be, the possibilities could have been endless. That's the real heart breaker for me. It could have possibly tied all of Valve's franchises together in something more than just references or call-backs or easter eggs.
I really would like to see the Rubikon physics in action...
https://i.imgur.com/Uoaaj4l.jpg Download https://i.imgur.com/qaFneD4.jpg Download https://i.imgur.com/kmMFggY.jpg Download
How mindblowingly crisp
Do we know what type of game it was going to be? I know people mentioned space pirates. Was it supposed to be Valve's Borderlands/Destiny/Warframe or something else?
tfw you realize the doom franchise is more alive than half-life right now
Awesome stuff mate, if you haven't got the other models out and its simply a compiling for hl2 issue ill happily compile them on the default animations to get them in for you, simply cause I cant wait for the set.
Duke Nukem has been more alive in the last 11 years than Half-Life.
And the original games still have an active as fuck modding community that continue making wads for it.
Same thing here with Half-Life, only its the FANS that are doing it.
Juniez, in your readme says that as long as they aren't repacked in a bigger pack, they can be used as long as credits are given. What about mods? Can we add them to Obsidian Conflict?
I'll probably replay every half-life game in a single sitting on the 19th.
Sure, as long as it is non profit.
Excelent. There's a way to contact you in private? FP removed private messages and personal links. My Discord is Maestro Fénix#2365 and my Steam is Steam Community
Not sure. I don't think we had any information apart from the artwork, which was also pretty ambiguous. One could speculate that it was something akin to space sim. Gabe said that the designer (I forgot who was leading it) was working so much on it but was getting nowhere so Gabe had to persuade him to shut it down. I'd guess that considering it was worked on around the time of Valve's other FPS titles that probably did co-opt FPS mechanics? Or maybe because it didn't use FPS mechanics, it was so difficult to get to a fun, playable state? Who knows, really.
Hello, the truly significant issue is that I do not have those other models anymore. I believe Mr Bright side or Ranon may still have them, but you will have to go to them to see what is up.
Ah I see, well I hope they do because I really like how good it all looked, shame that we didn't see a release. Also for those interested heres a couple more pics from the AOM remake, I got through a decent amount of the intro and first levels. It a shame Rumpel isn't big on fan content. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237880/1c445c3b-6c76-4112-99fb-691b305c932b/2881tvo.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237880/8203ace2-0373-4480-ab0a-33527eb81708/2j41w6a.jpg
Models and layout are looking really great! I think the lighting needs some work though. I feel like especially in the 2nd comparison, the harsh bright white lighting of the original does a better job at setting the tone for the game than your current one which looks a bit too relaxing. I don't know maybe I'm wrong.
...get out of my dreams and onto my hard drive
I'd love to see this actually be made.
Yeah I agree on the lighting, this was all super early and the shots are from before David took the drugs, so before it gets dark but yeah I did need to work on it.
Because the 20th anniversary of Half-Life is drawing near, I'm feeling nostalgic about all of the Half-Life things I've encountered over the years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7GDyU5du2Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTbL5elVXrU
Sorry if I'm late, but your reskins are lacking world models.
Ken Birdwell.
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