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Mmod is just a piece of garbage on a fundamental level. It's a big ball of nothing that has no consistency or identity beyond being a random and shallow mash of ill-fitting gameplay and graphical changes that violate the canon while having the fucking gall to call itself "lore-friendly". At least the degeneracy that is SMOD was honest about being nonsense. As soon as the honeymoon period wears off, nobody is going to remember or care about Mmod. It is completely disposable.
How is this wacky? It's on the jeep, right there. You put it back on to recharge it. And if you really want to get into details like that https://i.imgur.com/RQX2BHq.jpg Where does the jeep get the tau ammo from? How does gordon aim it from the drivers seat when there isn't even a single wire coming from the mount. Being able to dismount it is no more ridiculous then valve putting it on in the first place without caring how or why it functions.
I haven't been following this mmod. what is it really? just more guns?
It's pretty much just an effects/animations overhaul with a few more guns and some polish to make HL2 feel a little newer, but apparently liking that is heresy and you should crawl into a sewer for even considering to change anything about HL2
oh. I still think mmod means metamod
Obviously the tau cannon is synced with Gordon through his suite so that the suite reads Gordon's eye direction and focus and sends this information directly into the tau cannon to rotate it and when Gordon wants to fire it, he just blinks really fast.
Oh don't act like such a drama queen about it, I'm only talking about the validity of the Tau Cannon as a handheld weapon, almost everything else is great.
Quit being such a fucking baby. The issue is that the mod purports to be "lore-friendly", but changes things in a way that does not line up with Valve's vision. It's a fucking lie designed to draw in the gullible to download and play a shallow mod that adds very little of substance, and given that the mod is currently #1 on ModDB, it worked. Half-Life 2 doesn't need any changes. It doesn't need graphical updates or new gun models or gameplay tweaks, especially ones that directly affect the canon campaign.
That was more directed at CriticalMass's comment than you though, although on second inspection of his comment I can't really tell if he's being serious or if he's doing some HL thread parody comment. I'm more just annoyed how this pops up every time something new pops up. I really just disagree on the basis of the jeep design, I don't mean to come off as harsh but don't think having it recharge when you put it back is a bad idea because there's no reason the tau should work at all on that jeep anyway.
Then just play vanilla HL2 jeez. Why would you be upset over it being popular if you don't care about mods in the first place?
I think he's just trolling, at least I hope he is All that we'd need to confirm it is if he says the ravenholm trap cart near the end has a great design
The game is 14 years old and it's not like it was perfect when it was new. And as far as "lore-friendly" goes, it's not like Valve's vision for their games is unassailable. A fan-made remake of the first Half-Life is now a full, Valve-backed retail release and the final part of it looks to diverge so heavily from the original Half-Life 1 as to be almost unrecognizable (in a good way imo). Half-Life 2 was a superb game on release and way ahead of its time, but we've had a decade and a half of advancement since then which, as time tends to do to video games, has made Half-Life 2 feel gradually more and more dated. There's nothing wrong with updating its gameplay and visuals with some slight artistic liberties.
When are we getting a mod about the guy who pilots the box grabbing robot in HL1?
I’m pretty sure Valves vision for Half Life today involves either “if we keep ignoring it the fans will go away and we can work on something in peace” or “how can we make HL3 a multiplayer experience with cosmetics?”.
Oh well I'm so fucking glad I updated the mod, "A.I. Disabled..." upon loading, can't disable it either, the command just doesn't work.
I had the same problem, stick ai_norebuildgraph "1" in your autoexec.cfg I had to stick it in each mmod folder
considering its fully automated despite the cockpit, probably never i would say I remember when that specific ~problem~ was related to pirated HL2 copies and it was such an easy way to label people asking for "ai disabled help"
"ai_norebuildgraph "1" should actually be be ai_nodebuildgraph "1" I misspelled it and couldn't edit it back cuz of the gay 15 min limitation."
On a similar note, what is the SMOD version to use these days? I last played SMOD in something like 2013 and a binge of the HL series again has got me in the mood to play it, and I'm just wondering what is the definitive way to do so. Mostly because googling SMOD brings up enough versions and forks to make my head spin.
Nah dude it is "ai_norebuildgraph", you can check it in the console - probably why it isn't working
SMOD Standalone from BSNOOCH is how you have to play SMOD due to the Steampipe update breaking the mod.
Wait, it's ACTUALLY nore and not node? I don't even.
SMOD Standalone 0.65 Last I used
no rebuild? makes perfect sense.
Yeah it's not a typo, it's disabling the "node graph out of date. Rebuilding" thing i think They changed some ai graphs apparently so rebuilding it might fuck it up on loading a save or something
Huh, never thought about it that way to be honest, that does make sense.
Thanks lads.
Got the MMod patch but now I have no idea where to put cosmetic mods in it because there's no Custom folder anymore.
Make one, should still work.
Well, so much for that. It crashes on start-up, even after making sure I started the SP SDK. The official download's still down too, basically preventing it from being playable altogether.
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